Four Ethiopian Air Force Pilots Defect to Kenya

REPORTS coming out of the troubled Ethiopian Air Force indicates that another four high ranking Air Force pilots have abandoned the government and requested asylum in Kenya.
The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) today reports that the four military pilots defected from Dire Dawa Air Force base.

The news comes only a week after a similar incident took place where another three pilots defected to Eritrea along with two MI-35 helicopter gunships.

ESAT also reports that an atmosphere of fear has engulfed the Air base today as an identified number of pilots have been taken away by security and intelligence agents who swarmed the base confiscating mobile communication devices from selected members of the Air Force.

Morale of the Ethiopian Air Force members in particular and the Ethiopian Armed Forces in general is at all time low due to the rampant nepotism and toxic ethnic policies that the regime imposed up on the Ethiopian public.
In the last six month alone, 11 high ranking Air Force pilots have abandoned the regime to Eritrea flying with unspecified number of military aircraft.

ESAT, as always, is working to get the details of these four military pilots and the aircraft they used to defect.
The one time superior Ethiopian Air Force is now fast becoming a dying military institution that suffers from a series of high profile defections, low morale and a number of aircraft crashes in recent times.



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