Gada Theory and practices: The cultural studies (Geremew Nigatu Kassa)

By Geremew Nigatu Kassa

This paper was presented at Oromo Study Association (OSA) annual conference at the University of Minnesota, USA, on 14th -15th July 2012 as a contribution to the effort to understand our own culture, norms and tradition. The paper addresses the question of how the Oromo traditional democratic institution, Gada System, interact with the modern Oromo political organization in the process of Oromo struggle against Ethiopian government oppression. It also discusses some ideas of Gada political or ideological philosophy and culture of democracy. This article is of interest not only for the Oromos, but also for other Ethiopians who are interested in knowing what Gada system realy is. The article provides information about the original essence of Gada political philosophy and democratic ideas as one of the homegrown democratic cultures in Ethiopia and African as well. –—Read  more— 

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