Getachew Reda to Head Justice and Legal System Research Institute

getachew-warningGetachew Reda, the previous minster of the Government Communication Affairs Office until last month, has been assigned to direct the Justice and Legal System Research Institute(JLSYRI) which was previously led by Zadig Abrha. Before leading the Communication Affairs Office Getachew was formerly an aide to the PM.

Established in 2015, the Justice and Legal System Research Institute reviews existing laws with a view to revising and consolidating them. It also publishes and distributes legal information.

Before he joined the Prime Minister’s Office he took up the position of Director-General of the Public Diplomacy and Communications Directorate-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He had previously been Director of the Media Communications department and from 2008, an advisor in the Ministry, writing for the Ministry’s online publication ‘A Week in the Horn’, preparing speeches and documents.

Before joining the Ministry, Getachew was a lecturer in law at Mekelle University from July 1998- March 2008.

Source: Capital

1 thought on “Getachew Reda to Head Justice and Legal System Research Institute

  1. No, that is Getachew Abeda! How can he (the lier) become minister of justice?

    Sorry, it is still the lier which is leading with lies. Sorry, he is the right person.

    But the name should be corrected Minister of injustice and lying systems.

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