Had Herman Cohen heard what Ethiopians have been feeling about him… ?

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“Failed coup in Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.” These are the words of the veteran American diplomat Herman Cohen in his tweeter account posted on 24 June 2019.

Some Ethiopians believe that Herman Cohen has never understood the true history of Ethiopia in his life time. Others view him as a man of knowledge but with ill intentions. His views on Ethiopia, so the first group says, were primarily shaped by deliberate fabrications made in such a way to facilitate armed struggles in Ethiopia in the 1960s.

Even if most of Ethiopian kings were said to be Amharas, they have extended their territory and preserved their country from colonial powers. So, is that what the Amhara hegemony means for Cohen? Would all the kings and queens of the old days were representing the Amhara people, which is still having a great difficulty in meeting the two ends?

The man who played unmatched role in breaking up the unified Ethiopia in 1991, and masterminded the secession of Eritrea, now tries to tell us that the “Failed coup in Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991.”

“In 1991, Herman Cohen was the kingmaker in Ethiopia…In 1991, Herman Cohen was the malignant mastermind who signed, sealed and delivered the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia, “In 1991, Herman Cohen, with the stroke of the pen, executed a coup d’état in Ethiopia. In 2019, Herman Cohen defames an entire people as “ethnonationalist hegemons” because of a misguided actions of a few disgruntled officials involved in an amateurish and doomed from the start coup d’état,”

Click the link to read the full article of our Viewpoint column on The Ethiopian Herald, July 10/2019

Had Herman Cohen heard what Ethiopians have been feeling about him…


  1. this brain dead individual Cohen, simply repeats like a parrot what tplf fascists and Askaris have spoon fed him in Dedebit. He has no the decency to find out the truth by himself.

  2. His comment about our noble neighbors of Amhara has all the footprints of hate. He proves to all of us that he has gone bigot. He should be held responsible for any harm done to our harmonious Amharas living in any other region. I wish some of our lawyers with or without Amhara heritage take this blubber mouth to court or at least file a complaint with the state department. Professor Al! I dare you!!!!

  3. Shifila fools Cohen did not bequeath or give us on a silver plate our freedom!!!!! Eritreans we fought the poor Ethiopian soldiers equipped with modern weapons and armament, so stop making excuses and blaming Cohen for your predicament in a sense Cohen is right there are repugnant shifila Amara nationalists who wants it all and forever, dullard guys those days are over accept it ERITREA IS FREE!!! no need to mouth about Eritrea this and that you have your homework which will take you 100 years to sort it out, now deal with it no talk about Eritrea!!!

  4. Amharas know to blame for all their faults everybody but not themselves! They take all the positive things for themselves and externalize all the bad things they have done! Their wierd way of thinking is mindbogling!
    They think that proliferation of peoples Liberation Fronts is not the result of their oppressive and repressive regimes but the works of some foreign forces wanting to disintegrate Ethiopia. They think that Eritreans, Oromos, Somalis, Tigreans, and others have no brains of their own but were/are herds being misled by foreigners! The act of their ‘Gobez Aleqas’ led by Asaminew in butchering the Qimants, the Gumuz, the Wello Oromos and others and the secret arming of Amharas living in other parts of Ethiopia was/is a bid to test the waters for the grand plan of resurrecting the lost Amhara hegemony and supriority through armed revolt. Now you blame a ferenji for telling the truth! Alas! How long are the Amhara elites going to live in denial of reality??

  5. Ityopiawiw kuch belo siyay neber eko 27 amet ageritu eyetekefafelech. enesu Abay wenzen yefelgutal eko, ye ityopian maeden yefelegutal selezih ityopian mesebaber alebachew. ahunim yemecheresha zena le ityopiawiw/amaraw eyenegerachehu eko niw, ityopia alekelat eyale niw. engedih Oromia demo ende tigray bedenb eskemideraj deres minalbat 20 amet gezto, ageritun lemaferares niw. yihe eko eyaderegut neber ayaskenekem. endewem egzer yestew, awken seledenezezen, begilse negeren.

  6. It’s no wonder that wicked people such as Herman Cohen are getting away with murder by continuing to push for the evil ethnic system in Ethiopia with the objective of dismantling and distabilizing the country. However, the accountability for this crime remains with diaspora Ethiopians who are nationals of various countries in North America (inclluding USA), Europe, Australia, etc. but hardly make use of their voting rights to effectively influence the policies of the respective governments to support the effort to replace the current dangerous racist system in Ethiopia by one which is based on unity, peace, security, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights.

    Diaspora Ethiopians: please wake up!


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