Humiliation in its finest. Dr. Freak Ato Tewodrose Adnahom [Eduardo Byrono]

Dr. Freak exposed

tewodros-adhanomHumiliation in its finest. Dr. Freak Ato Tewodrose Adnahom was slammed by cross-examiners at the world health organization’s cross-examining table in the full view of history. However since mine is worse than his,I am not here to mock his ability to articulate the English language.

Rather I am here to doubt his doctorate degree. And now I believe that he too is as baloney doctor as his colleagues at TPLF’s headquarters.

What a shameful individual he is. He couldn’t even understand one word from any of the questions which presented to him by the cross-examiner. He bumbled in a confused manner for the longest time. Shame!!

Ato Tewodrose has humiliated and let our country down 10 times more than Roble has done at the Rio Olympic games a few months ago. And as long as we don’t unite to free our nation from this baloney doctor engineers, embarrassment is all we get .


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