FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Re: Ethiopian Regime’s Misinformation Campaign On H. Res 128

February 28, 2018

Re: Ethiopian Regime’s Misinformation Campaign On H. Res 128

Ethiopian Advocacy Network (EAN) and Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) would like to bring to our people’s attention a misinformation campaign aimed at thwarting the momentum of our euorts to pass H. Res 128 in the US House of representatives.

It has come to our attention a high level misinformation campaign which has the hand print of the tyrannical regime in Addis is circulating false rumors to distract our people including.

  • Deadline is postponed till March 4th
  • State department has rejected Res 128
  • Both houses just passed the bill
  • UN has refused to send their team to Ethiopia

It goes without saying all of the above are lies fabricated by paid agents of a desperate regime. Today the time given to the regime to respond ends, the next step will be for the U.S. House of Representatives to schedule H.Res 128 for a floor vote.

We would like to emphasize the euorts of Ethiopian-Americans at the grass roots calling, emailing and meeting your representative in Congress should continue without let up until the final vote is counted. It’s imperative that Ethiopian-American grass roots activists continue calling, emailing & meeting with their representatives until the final vote count.

Please check www. and our face book page, as we will post updates regularly. If you have any questions please send an email to



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