Interview with Prof Ephraim Issac Part 1 & 2 – SBS Radio

Prof Epraim Isaac, talks about his new book “The Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahido Church.” Prof Isaac is a founder and the first professor of the Harvard University Department of African and Afro-American studies, created in 1969.

Part 1

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Part 2

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  1. Prof. Ephraim is our mentor! Every one must listen him in heart or hearts so that to find her/him self truly. Thank you Prof! Egna yezemenu tiwulidoch ayigebanim! Lemawekim anifeligim! Yebarinet menfes yizonal! Haymanotachinim kiden ferenj amlaki honenal! Prof. Enem minim enkuwan yezemenu tiwuld akal bihonim bizu neger lemayet chiyalehu! Tarikin yemiseraw yebarinet menfes yetetenawetew hizb ayidelem. History is with a royal thought, yearning for the big! That exactly is what we are observing in south East Asian countries today! They never accept westernism! Japanese are a royal people, Koreans are the same, the leading Chinese too are the same! That also is true in other Asians! Look Africans, barinetin yetekebele hizb yalebet, tiliku silitanew, yegetochun kuwankuwa menager new (ferensayigna, englizegna) lelam. Bezihim kuwankuwa getochun enji hagerinina hizibin lemagelgel ayidelem. Egnam Ethiopiayawuyan lay yih menfes be ahunu tiwulid beteley tenseraftuwal. We don’t feel any remorse for our long and iconic history !


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