ISIS claims responsibility for bombing of African Union vehicle in Mogadishu marking its first ever attack in Somalia

  • An African Union vehicle was bombed by ISIS, the terror group has claimed
  • If true, it would be the group’s first attack within the east African country
  • Somalia has previously been dominated by the Al-Qaeda allied al-Shabaab
  • However, in recent months ISIS has attempted to recruit its fighters
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ISIS claims to have bombed an African Union vehicle on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia, marking what would be its first attack in the country.

Reports of the bombing – which if proven genuine would be the first attack by ISIS’s newly developed cell in an area previously dominated by Al-Qaeda – emerged online today.

The vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device in the Taridish area on the outskirts of the city, according to SITE Intelligence Group.


Somalia has long been dominated by the al-Shabaab military group (pictured), which is now domestic competition from ISIS

It was not clear if there were casualties or how many people may have been injured in the attack.

However, it comes only a few months after several high profile defections from Al-Qaeda to ISIS’s burgeoning Somalia wing.

The group has released several propaganda videos recently imploring al-Shabaab fighters – who have been aligned to Al-Qaeda for several years – to break ranks and join them.

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was created as a peacekeeping forces designed to quell the al-Shabaab insurgency and help establish a transitional government within the country.

ISIS has also used propaganda videos to try and tempt al-Shabaab officers and soldiers to leave the Al-Shabaab.

Speaking fluently in English, one of the fighters, most likely of Somali origin, urges people in his homeland to turn against al-Shabaab and join a small number of ISIS fighters who have rebelled against al-Shabaab and are now fighting for ISIS.

The video is titled ‘A message to our brothers in Somalia’, with the scripted speech relayed by both an English fighter and another Somali speaker.

An Engish speaking fighter then says: ‘To the mujahideens in al-Shabaab, we call upon you to put aside your pride and arrogance and your blind following of your leaders who lack wisdom.

He then threatens al-Shabaab fighters, asking them what they will say on the day of judgement when questioned by Allah.

‘Fear Allah in dealing with the Muslims. Fear Allah for spilling the blood of the Muslims who have given Bayah (allegiance).

‘Remember that fathers fought against the Crusaders. You are in the same ranks as the Crusaders, killing mujahideen who have given bayah. Fear Allah for spilling the blood of Muslims for it is the greatest injustice,’ he claims.


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