Italian daily ranks Azeb Mesfin as a most corrupted person

Azeb Mesfin- satenaw
Azeb Mesfin, widow of the late Meles Zenawi

Italian language daily hard copy journal Named the former first lady Azebe mesfen as the most corrupted member of the ruling regime and labeled her name on nearly all corrupted activities in the nation.

She is mentioned for being the owner of the company that illegally smuggling 4 million pieces of enjera out of the country daily after snatching from the dinner table of 4 million Ethiopians, bottled drinking water and so forth
Have you been aware of it? It is a full blown fact. Not rumor has it at all.
It is just because you hardly read, that doesn’t mean the world doesn’t write about us. It does. In fact the world says more negative about our nation, the regime and the officials. Plus how filthy poor we are then any other country in the continent.
Even though the officials of the ruling regime often brainwash and cover us by a heavy blanket of lies , but the world knows the true color of us.
(Original Source Edwardo Bayrono)

1 thought on “Italian daily ranks Azeb Mesfin as a most corrupted person

  1. It’s a known fact that the entire TPLF pack is riddled with corruption. This being said, you need to work on you funky English before attempting to write.

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