Lalibela’s Wise Man by Matshona Dhliwayo (Book Reviw)

Kaye Hinckley

Jun 30, 2016Kaye Hinckley rated it was amazing

Kaye Hinckley
Jun 30, 2016Kaye Hinckley rated it it was amazing
A small book with a large punch; a perspective into our often greedy world.

“Lalibela’s Wise Man” is a well-balanced story of a young man’s attempt to deal with his beloved father’s death, but when his wealthy father’s will provides everything for his two wayward brothers, and nothing for him, except a small box with a note inside, the young man is perplexed, for he was his father’s favorite son. Oddly, the note in the box instructs him to search out a wise man in the country of Ethiopia, a journey that stretches him physically and spiritually–and where he discovers a family secret. With an interesting twist in the end, this novella is both a good story and a much needed study of virtue, which is sorely lacking in our world today. (less)

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Lalibela’s Wise Man
by Matshona Dhliwayo (Goodreads Author)


Juanita‘s review

Apr 27, 2017
really liked it
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is book that reminded me of a marriage between Paulo Coehlo’s books The Alchemist and the Warrior of the Light. It is is elegantly written and to the point. The reader is introduced to Christian who is the “good son”, yet was removed from his post as CEO and not in the will to receive a piece of his father’s millions when his Father dies. His father’s only gift to him is a message to visit the wise man in Lalibela. After some time he takes the journey to Ethiopia to meet this man. The experience changes his life in profound ways. The reader is given a gift of wisdom as well to take with her on her journey.
In some ways I found this book to be overly-simplistic and in other ways the simplicity of the book lets the reader take what she wants from it and fill in the blanks. I would recommend reading Donna Tarrt’s The Goldfinch as a counter-balance to this book. Is our purpose in life to follow the highest moral code or is it to be our authentic self? How do you balance the two?


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