Lemma Megersa breaks silence

In what seems to be a big upset to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his administration, his closest ally and friend, Lemma Megerssa, who is currently the Minister of Defense and deputy chairman of the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), has openly expressed his difference with the PM’s ‘philosophy’ known as medemer or synergy as well as the “hurried” steps taken to merge the incumbent EPRDF and its affiliate parties into a single unified party—Prosperity Party.

Even though there have been growing speculation about differences created between the two, news of Lemma’s open defiance to pillars of Abiy’s administration caught everyone by surprise.

Last week, Lemma told VOA’s Afaan Oromo division about his position regarding the recent decisions made by the central committees of EPRDF, the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) and Southern People’s Democratic Movement Party (SPDMP) to merge with each other and their affiliates.

It can be recalled that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) also refused to be part of the merger and criticized the merger labeling it as “illegal.”

Similarly, Lemma, who has been very instrumental in the political dynamics of Ethiopia in the past two years, which eventually brought Abiy to power in 2018, has echoed his rejection of the merger.

“Merging this party is not timely as there are many dangers. We are in a transition,” said Lemma, speaking in Afaan Oromo. “This is borrowed time; it is not ours. We are facing several problems from different places during this borrowed time.”

“It’s not the time to come up with something new, but a time to solve problems that we should be focused on,” he said adding: “We should focus on maintaining peace and stability and focus on macroeconomics, especially, people’s struggle with the rising cost of living.”

Moreover, explaining his displeasure with the medmer philosophy, Lemma who is currently in the United States said that Medemer should start from the base. He also stressed that the political intention behind it must first be scrutinized.

“For Medemer, it shouldn’t start from somewhere else, but should be about Oromos and the Ida’amu (synergy) of Oromos. It is strengthening the unity starting from the Kebelle, Woreda, and zonal levels to the top,” Addis Standard reported quoting Lemma’s interview with VOA.

As far as Lemma’s political role is concerned, it is not clear what his next step will be; even though he said he will continue with the ‘party’ or leave.

“Until they tell me to leave the organization, I will struggle holding on to the difference I have,” he said.

7 December 2019 reporter


  1. Defence Minister and Prime Minister:
    Wake up and hear the reality. Medemer or not Medemer is not an issue for most right now. We want you two, to reverse the genocide you ignited ASAP, it seems you are runing out of time so you should know this is not a request anymore.

    Amara regions security chief General Asaminew Tsige was a victim of genocide killed by Abiy same as Ambachew , Saere and the rest were killed by Abiy himself then Abiy went to accuse NAMA for the genocide preparation he himself comitted saying it was a coup not a genocide preparation . It was said the generals and Ambachew were killed for exchanging evidences that clearly exposed Abiy’s preparations for genocide including his involvements in the Debre Berhan and Amara regions Wollo Oromos adminstrative center kemise area Amaras genocide.
    The genocide attempt held at Oromia adminstrative Center within the Wollo Amara region (Kemise) and Debre Berhan area were done by civilians Querros who like to kill Amara for noother reason but simply because they like to commit genocide against Amaras . At the time Abiy sent military ordering to help protect the genociders Querros not the Amara victims at the time.

    Right after the June’s “coup” Abiy also sent Benishangul Gumuz people to attack Amaras and of course we Amaras defended ourselves this time knowing Amaras security Chief and Amaras President are dead andbfederal.is working against us , so we Amara civilians defended ourselves , we were not going to rely on a dead security or the federal to protect us defending ourselves from genocide is self defence not genocide .

    Abdi Alley is serving time because he attacked Oromos, when Oromos are touched the law is exercised by Abiy , but when Amaras are massacared the law protects the attackers and the law blames more innocent Amaras since Abiy is on the attacker side.

    Team Abiy , team Jawar , Hailemariam Desalegn , Querro genociders and TPLF should be held accountable too, otherwise we Amaras will have no choice but to take it upon ourselves to protect ourselves from this genocide since the Abiy’s government is attacking us with genocide.Oromo instigates conflict and more Amaras get used as bullet proof vests , that’s the only reason Abiy is not letting Querro complete the genocide they started, to see if they need us to fight and die to Oromos benefit.Federal government do not protect Amaras nor does ADP is willing to protect Amaras.

  2. Obbo Lemma has the right to his opinion no matter how it does not jive with others in the party. He also has the right to remain as a member of the party or leave to join another party or even to found his own party. It shows he has been carrying out tasks assigned by the regime which shows he is abiding by the majority’s will. What will make him lose luster is if he decides to join others who have shown to be sowing hatred in the country. He will disappoint very many others if he decides to do that. I hope and pray that will never happen!!!!

  3. To those of you who are rushing to write the obituary of the old country as we know it I say you will be very disappointed by its resilience. It will somehow find its mojo to come out of the conundrum badly bruised but still shining with all its precious children in her comforting arms. Quote me on that!!! Bigots will ultimately die out leaving their ugly history behind. What they are doing now proves the fact that they have chosen to be remembered on the wrong side history as hate mongers and savage leaders. Who will forget what William Joseph Simpson did from the top of the Stone Mountain? Who will choose to give George Gordon some slacks for his Precept? Just remember, history is prolific in taking down names and keeping them forever!!!!


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