Why LEMMA MEGERSSA? (Tsegaye Ararssa)


The immediate task calling for attention in Ethiopia today includes restoring peace, addressing the demands of the public, ensuring the security of the country and the stability of the region, facilitating transition to a genuine democracy, and bringing about social reconciliation. In short, we live under the imperative of making and building peace; restoring lives, dreams, and hopes by practising compassionate governance; fostering reconciliation and solidarity among peoples; and facilitating transition to an inclusive democracy that can, in time, transform the polity.

The kind of transitional leader needed now is one that can broker peace among contending forces, listen to the plight of the peoples, extend relief to the displaced and suffering public, pacify the country by taking the army back to their barracks, and build a genuine inter-communal solidarity.

So far, considering:

a) his readiness to listen to the public, to realign his party to their tunes, and to publicly articulate their problems on all possible platforms;

b) his efforts (and success, to an extent) to pacify his region, particularly reorganizing the police force and reorienting it to become the guardian of public peace;

c) the empathy he expressed in his approach to the relief mobilization for the displaced mass and his responsible attitude in handling the Liyyu Police aggression;

d) the gesture of solidarity he extended to people outside of his region, especially the bond he built with the ANDM leadership in the Amhara region;

e) the willingness to start negotiation with the opposition parties;

f) the calm temperament he manifested throughout these tumultuous times and the potential statesmanship that this promised;

g) the extraordinary public trust he has gained (most of which he earned);

there is a lot of anticipation that Lemma Megerssa, as the leader of OPDO–and possibly the chief of EPRDF–will be nominated to become the next Prime Minister.

I hope OPDO will not squander its opportunity to lead by ignoring or otherwise sidelining this candidate. I ALSO HOPE THAT HE WILL ASSERT HIMSELF TO SHOW READINESS TO SHOULDER THE TASK with grace and humility. He should seek endorsement from his own party base and confront his TPLF adversaries with the choice directly.

Many raise the issue of his not being a member of the federal parliament as a hurdle (art 73). But if the machine is so worried about the constitutional integrity of the process, they can conduct a replacement election for vacated regional and federal seats in a short order.

Obviously, I don’t, for once, believe that giving him the top job will help address all of the problems that the protest is about. But considering the popularity he sways even among the Qeerroo, I am hopeful that he can lead the reform that can eventually transform the polity better than any other candidate currently vying for the top position in government. Obviously, if polls are anything to go by (and if one is taken), they would show that he has a better chance to win and that he commands a bigger support among the large majority of people in Oromia and beyond.

OPDO can sideline Lemma only at its own peril. TPLF-EPRDF can ignore him (and meddle in the business of the regions) only at the risk of provoking another round of mass unrest and an unstoppable tide of protests.

The TPLF establishment media and their apologists are already coming out in droves to bash Lemma for no reason. It looks like he is becoming their worst nightmare. I think Lemma Megerssa becomes the best candidate precisely for that reason.


  1. As long as the murderous Tigre occupation forces are in power, no matter who, it will not make an iota of a difference. Woyane Tigres want to buy time.

    Neither Lemma, nor his party and the millions of Ethiopians outside his constituency who adore him, will be extremely disappointed.

    Woyane Tigres must be given a marching order if they do not surrender power peacefully.
    Nothing short of total submission would take us anywhere. These are dangerous, unscrupulous, cruel savages, who stop at nothing. Lemma should beware of them,

  2. The min-Meles, Tsegaye, have to gurgle up to utter a single word about where Lemma garners his support. Tsegay knows Lemma drwos support from Oromo Ethiopians and all otherl Ethiopians because he Identified himself as one of them . it is not just a gesture of solidarity that he extended to people outside of his region” etc . Lemma wasn’t gesturing but asserting his Ethiopians, if in doubt. Not so long ago Tsegaye was lecturing us that those who are propagating the breakup of Ethiopia are doing all of us a favor. Lemma has become a hot potato for narrow Oromo nationalist; they just don’t know how to handle him. Lema is not only being bashed by TPLF supporters, but Tsegay as recently as last week was attacking Lemma because of his united Ethiopian stand. One even can rightfully suspect that Tsegay may have been winking so that TPLF take aggressive action against Lemma. Yes, we all Ethiopians regardless of ethnic back ground we will support and fight for Lema, because he is not as cage minded like Tsegaye. The new OPDM leaders are foresighted enough to know that no Oromo will be free if other Ethiopians are not free. So Lemma decidedly pulled the rag under the kinds of Tsigay who has built their carrier instigating division, which helped to prolong the life of TPLF murderer gangs. As Lemma aptly noted the kind of Tsegay need to stop their child play when it comes to Ethiopia’s unity.

  3. ኦባማ ሲታጭ ታላቅ ተናጋሪ መሆኑ በጣም ተራግኖ ነበር፡ አቶ ትራምፕም እንዲሁ በየሾው ታላቅ ሆኖ ይታይ ነበር። አሜሬካ ከሁዋላ ሁኖ የሚቀዝፋት ሃይል እንዳለ ይታመናል። እናም የኛው ጉዶች ይችን ጠንቅቀው ስለሚያዉቁ፡ ለማንና አብይን ሱፍ እየቀያየሩ ፡ ኢትዮጵያዊነት ሱስ ነው፡ ፌደላችን የረቀቀ ነው፡ ምርጥ ህዝብ ነን፡ ሃይማኖታችን ትለምልምል ማለቱ ሳይበቃ ለለማ ተዘፈነለት። የአሜሪካ ህዝብ በጠንካራ ኢኮኖሚው ስለሚተማመን፡ የፖሊቲኩን ነገር እምብዛም ርባና ስለማይሰጠው ሞኝ መስሎ ሁሉን ይቀበላል። እኛ ሃበሾቹ በምን ጎናችን ነው፡ ከወያኔጋር መከራችንን ሲያሳዩን የኖሩ ሰዎችን ሰርተው አበጃጅተው እንካችሁ የሚሉን ደፋሮች ከቶ ከሁዋላ ያሉት እነማን ናቸው? የቶኒ ብሌር መልዳም አስተዳደር ተቋም ነው ወይስ የዓለም ሞኒተሪ ፈንድ አባት አሜሪካ? ወይስ የዓባይ ግድብ መዘዉሯ እስራኤል?መቸም ቢሆን ትግራይን ነጻ አወጣለሁ የሚለው የነ ስብሃት ስብስብ የመለስን ራእይ ገደል ከቶ እንዲህ ያለ ቅሌት ውስጥ ዓይገባም። ለኔ እነ ለማ ያው ወያኔ ግልባጭ ናቸው፡፡


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