Let us protect the legacy of those who came before. – by Eduardo Byrono

One has to be ድንጋይ ራስ, in fact extremely ድንጋይ ራስ to keep on crying over this creative Anole fairytale or rotten joke. So now while we celebrate the timeless triumph which our fathers secured by their flesh and blood in Adwa, We must also denounce these baseless but serious accusations that have been imposed on their legacy.

We must not fear. We must stand by the side of the truth in better or bitter.

Our forefathers spilled their blood and paid their lives to protect our liberty, So we must take responsibility to protect their name and legacy before it gets destroyed by some evil individuals and their evil masters with an evil motive.

They lived according to their time, They obeyed their elders and abide by the culture of the era in which they lived. They did what they supposed to do in their given time. And they passed. Now instead of learning from the past and wise up, you are sitting somewhere in diaspora and destroying their legacy.

Some childish you are!


  1. This ugly invented statue built on fabricated lie and deliberate plot to create hate, division between Amara and Oromos.
    We should not hate it but learn from it how far Woyane has been planning, determined and hungry for power and obliterate Amaras and Oromos using each other.

    It should be reserved to always remember how far Woyane has gone to create division through its divide and keep power in TPLF’s hand forever.
    It is the final confirmation seal of Woyane bush plot that can be seen in reality.
    It is designed to let Amaras and Oromos kill each other while Woyane eat and sleep in luxurious homes taken from Amaras and Oromos.


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