Letter of complaints to Amnesty International

02 June 2020

Dear ladies and Gentlemen,

Our organization, legally registered in the Netherlands under the name ” International Ethiopians Solidarity Forum” would like to draw your attention for the call and demand specified below in expecting that Your  organization will take an immediate  proper and required action and maintain its good name.

As the saying goes “A clean mirror reflects the true face “ being a mirror of the society, Amnesty International is erected for the same  purpose of exposing a hidden crimes committed against humanity by a government or armed political groups and put public pressure on them and struggle for the respect of Justice.

It is erected to be guided by independent point of view and judgement without taking one side view or interest over the other.While these paramount principles are a guide line for the organization, sometimes are being  neglected and being seen as a partner  in service for a given group. This act of favouritism  gives an impression that the organization  can be easily  infiltrated or manipulated to pass a wrong judgment and reports that encourages criminals to continue in their bad doings.We reached to this   conclusion, because of  the resent 50 pages long distorted statement or report passed on Ethiopia.

When we write this letter and pass the above statements first we want to  make it clear  that Our organization and members are not supporters of the Ethiopian Government ,but we stand for justice and truth. Our aims and principles is clearly stated on the attached letter. Behind our statement there are members of your organization as wel.

The statement or the report passed by your organization over the situation in Ethiopia is one sided and seems as a pure advocacy voice for those criminals committing  many crimes in the past and up to this very moment in the name of oppressed people. Once this group under the name Oromo Liberation Front(OLF)was registered by the United Nations as a terrorist organization. Among many crimes the resent act of Genocide committed by this organization and its allies in and around Addis Ababa is a vivid example.

Where was Amnesty International ,When a young man was killed in the street of  Shashemeny and hanged downwards by Oromo Extremists? Where was Amnesty International Thousands of Ethiopians were forced to leave their homes,women and children were  massacred and tortured by this Oromo and other Extremists? Where was Amnesty International ,when young  girls university students were kidnaped by so called  oromo extremists six months ago and their where about is not known till this very moment. For these and other negligence Amnesty International has lost its credibility by the majority of Ethiopians and other International diplomats, those witness the case and  stand for justice and truth.

If your organization does not reflect the true story like a clean Mirror and as an independent organization, it will be considered as being an instrument for criminals  and terrorists like OLF and its extended wings. This organization with its allies is  responsible for the damage done and the crimes and  genocide committed in Ethiopia.

Our organization ,the International Ethiopians Solidarity Forum remain hopeful that  the mistake your organization did will be corrected on timely manner and express its regret openly to the Ethiopian People.


Respectfully Yours,

Agere Addis

Chairman of International Ethiopians Solidarity Forum(IESF)
Email  inter.ethiopiansolidarityforum1@gmail.com

We sent you another appeal letter three months ago asking your organization to expose the act of kidnaping mentioned above and had never received reply for.

We attached our organization aims and  the pictures that  show the crimes committed by OLF and its allies.



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