March for Our Lives takes place in many cities of Amhara Region

March for Our Lives takes place in many cities of Amhara Region


  1. the injustice, genocide and eviction tplf committed against the amhara in the last 27 years is comparable to the jewish holocaust in the 2nd world war. the full history has to be documented in detail while the survivors of the genocide are still alive.
    tplf not only committed genocide, but also systematically evicted the amhara from every part of the country they lived in for generatiuons.
    large parts of amhara regions were forcefully annexed to tigrai region , other parts of amhara were used to create what is now called Benishingul gumuz region. some of the amhara land was also given to sudan. other parts were put under what is called oroomia. this was all done purposely by tplf to squeeze the amhara out of existence using state power at their disposal.
    tplf saw its ascent to power as the opportune moment to destroy the amhara which it regards the amhara as an obstacle to its plan of building greater tigreai and independent tigre. The tplf manifesto clearly states that amhara are the enemy of tigre that must be destroyed.
    Metekel province now in benishingul, has always been part of Gojjam, despite years of persecution, and social engineering by tplf the demography of the province still verifies its amhara identity.
    the amharas have been denied their rights to take part in local administration in beneshingul despite their numbers and because of this they continue to suffer persecution, death and eviction from the land. ANDM, now called ADP as agent/slave of tplf has been instrumental for the crimes against the amhara in these 27 years years.
    the most annoying thing is that , this situation continues even today, when we have new government. the plight of the amhara still continues.
    the situation is the same in wolkayit-tegede, Telemt , Humera, Raya and other places . the amhara has no voice in these places and continues to suffer persecution.
    Andm, now called ADP an organisation tplf created still remains in power in the amhara region and has done nothing to prevent all the tragedies the amhara face except paying lip service . the so called change in the country has not stopped the eviction, murder and raids on the amhara.
    in the absence of any protection from the central government, the amhara has to get organised in self defence- in the short term.
    todays demonstrations clearly should encourage us that the law abiding , loyal citizen of ethiopia, the amhara are at last ready to go to battle to defend themselves.
    In the long term, the amhara has to use the opportunities in the next election to appoint its own representatives to manage the affairs of the region. The ultimate aim the amhara is to form Alliance with all groups in ethiopia on people to people level to weed out remnants of the ethno apartheid system of tplf and to build a pluralistic , democratic ethiopia where we all can live in peace, democracy and justice in any part of our country that we choose.

  2. Were the marches thought to camouflage the atrocities being committed in Jawi District, where reportedly upto 300 innocent civilians have been summarily massacred by Amhara thugs?? How cynical are you??


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