Mugabe to step aside as Zim president

Malawi24 Reporter

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has told thousands of people attending the commemorations of Day of the African Child that he will quit as leader of the country.

Speaking at the event which was held in Harare, the 92 year-old said he will quit politics but hoped his successors will be better him.

“Once upon a time, I was like you. But I am not like you anymore. I am on my way out,” he told the gathering of thousands of children. “But when I look over my shoulder, I would want to see bold and courageous men. I want to look behind and say those coming will be better than me.”

Robert Mugabe will be stepping down.
Robert Mugabe will be stepping down.

Before Saturday, Mugabe had never publicly talked about quitting politics hence the remarks have led to discussions over his successor.

Within his Zanu-PF there are already two visible factions gunning for Mugabe’s seat, one called G-40 is led by Mugabe’s wife Grace while the other one known as Lacoste Team fights for Zimbabwe vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. The two however may be involved in a futile fight since the constitution allows Mugabe to run for one more term which will end in 2022, a provision the veteran president may consider using given his history of clinging to power.

Mugabe — the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence 36 years ago — has used all manner of tactics to cling to power, including alleged violence against political opponents and electoral fraud.



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