Ethiopian Activists calls for banning tribal politics in Ethiopia

National Endowment for Democracy calls for banning tribal politics in Ethiopia



  1. The ethiopian people must stand up for the respect of their human rights as humans and citizens to live and work in any part of ethiopia withour being asked , harassed and intimidated about their ethnic identity. Their humanity comes before their ethnicity. The government needs to take decisive action to stop ethnic politics. Ethnic politics became a policy because tplf made it a law fir people to live segregated in ethnic killil. This aparthied pplicy can be replaced by a policy of citizenship. Every person should be seen as a citizen with equal rights and respect, freedom and justice for all.
    We must start a national movement for citizenship. That is the only way out for peaceful, prosperous ethiopia.
    Ethnic based group politics has been a source of inter ethnic conflict displacements, evictions and mass killings, poverty and dependence on food aid.
    Millions of people have been displaced billions of dollars worth property destroyed and the number of homeless displaced people continues to grow every day.
    We cannot move into peaceful existence , economic progress while the decision for people to live in any part of ethiopia remains in the hands of ethnic political groups whose main purpose is to promote ethnic politics.
    The tplf created ethnic based political structure has to be replaced by political groups promoting ideas, rather than ethnic conflicts.
    The whole political structure is the source instability , the people who were behind the crimes committed in the last 27 years are still on place and resisting change. Threse corrupt cadres of the previous regime continue to be the obstacles to change.

  2. The whole concept of ethnic federalism is unjust and legally baseless and because of that is that is that defenders can not even discuss about it. It is a defenseless position without any legal back and with far consecunces to the point of creatiating different classes of citizenships in the country pushing them to constant displacement and suffering. If one checks the regions land allocation per capita one can see the unfairness of the system and how as the population keeps growing it will be a major source of disputes and wars. From legal point of view ethnic federalism is meritless and not founded in any treaty or previous agreement. It is only based on biased historical interpretation of what happened in the last 100 years. It does not take into consideration what was the makeup of the population before and after the last 100 years. Most importantly it violates the universal acknowledged right of one should belong to the land it was born into. No one should have the right to revoke that right based on fabricated history interpretation of years ago. That is inmoral and also brings to the question how in the first place the ethnic groups that amassed large mass of land under the ethnic federalism did they got it 100 years ago?. I my self with Oromo and Amhara lineage and born in the south I do find ethnic federalism disgraceful and pathetic only brought by lazy politicians to raise to power and control the people rather to solve social problems. The language and cultural preservance solution s do not need ethnic federalism and it has been resolved in human rights and citizenship based democracies. and actually solving that problem is more easier than solving the dangers and irreparable damages that will bring ethnic federalism. Those elites and youth who actually try to solve the dilema Ethiopia is facing should take close look on their ways.


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