Neamin Zeleke , a member of Patriotic Ginbot 7 Leadership, and Ermias Legesse of ESAT , Los Ageles Town Hall Meeting

On the Re-Imposition of State of Emergency,  a desperate measure taken  by the brutal  TPLF designed to stem the tide of the Ethiopian people’s demand for fundamental change in order  to perpetuate minorityTigrayan elite domination & plunder  of state and economy . Ethiopian people, inside and outside, must continue to  wage a vigorous  struggle to bring about  a fundamental and systemic change- a democratic Ethiopia that is just , equal to all citizens and all ethnic groups.
SOE , a despate measure by #TPLF brutal regime which aims to perpetuate TPLF Tigrayan domination of Ethiopian state&plunder of resources.   What needs to be done by Ethiopians outside and inside of Ethiopia, etc.


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