What Needs to be Done to Save Ethiopia? (by Muluken Gebeyew)

Our country, Ethiopia  is heading to great disaster. Many people haven’t realised what is the stake. Some may underestimate the risk. Few may even think Ethiopia is in its best stable state taking  in account of the recent decades event.  The truth is Ethiopia is at risk of disintegration and bloody civil war that has never seen in its history. This grave risk is preventable! If the current generation ignored this warning (tell tale signs), there is  high possibility that the irreversible event would happen.

The challenging issue we face today is not only a question of democracy, but  the fundamental structure that holds the nation together  have been intentionally made to rust. The TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front)  led regime which has  saw seeds of animosity, suspicion, paranoia, hate, division among Ethiopians by magnifying and creating false history  using our  minor difference in   language, culture , history and religion.

The minority regime has believed and put in practice a fatal ruling system. As a minority to rule Ethiopians (majority) is by dividing, making it weak and disorganised thorough its “divide and rule ” policy. It has created a structure that facilitate this division in form of federal boundaries. It has formulated policies that  ferments  inflammatory  remarks, false history, exaggeration  and divisive acts among different ethnicities and religion to wage  division,  animosity  and war among ourselves. No former regimes organised such kind of system and structure which strongly disintegrate the fundamental structure that holds us together.  Previous regimes used mainly class oppression as means of ruling Ethiopians although some minor form of religious and ethnic oppressive means topped up on the main  class oppression.

Since TPLF assumed power through arms in 1991 ( 1983 Ethiopian calendar), it created pseudo federal states which are  based on language, ethnicity  to maximize the division among Ethiopians and rule as police and judge.  Unfortunately these  system goes beyond as ruling means, it is shaking the fundamental structure that holds the nation together. TPLF is knowing and unknowingly losing its grip on latter part.

Different ethnic group “leaders”  are fed with false history, propaganda  and given pseudo identity. They are encouraged to develop hate towards other groups, principally “Amara” and the “orthodox religion” which are thought by TPLF as unifying force of the nation . The wicked propaganda created  a false promise and identity that each ethnicity can form it own country. TPLF already put  Article 39 “the right up to secession” on the constitution. This created a delusional believe systems on those who are made blind by TPLF drama.


TPLF’s  long held plan of ruling Ethiopia as superior force has  enabled it to loot the resources from Ethiopia to build the “Republic of Tigray” which it will declare at some time in the future. When rainy days come, TPLF would use Article 39 or other means  to establish  the ” Republic of Tigray” leaving other nationalities to declare such facilitating  the disintegration of Ethiopia.

The  eventual truth  is if every nationalities declare independence according to the current boundary TPLF made for them; it would eventually led to civil war among these “independent” nations; a war worse than Yugoslavia  and Somalia as this artificial TPLF boundary is neither factual nor representative. Each nation and nationalities leaders which dreamed independence will be doomed to unending fire which also  burn “the Republic  of Tigray” and the whole East Africa.

Ethiopians have to understand that the current main problem is not only about democratic system, but the stake of the country to stay as Ethiopia or facing catastrophic civil war. Imagine the independent Oromia  fighting Amara in the north, Ethio-Somale in the east and south east, the Southern people in the west and south west. The Amhara fighting with “Republic of Tigray” in the north, Afar in the east, Oromia in the south; Other numerous  ethnicities in the Southern Ethiopia fighting for border among themselves leading to unending unimaginable  civil war worse than Somalia.

Dear sisters and brothers, Ethiopia is heading to great danger. Ethiopians including those who support the regime have to  think about this grave danger waiting for us. The root cause of such catastrophes is TPLF. As mentioned earlier, is not only matter of democracy; it is matter of saving our country, our children and future generation.

TPLF killed all peaceful opposition parties and voices back in Ethiopia  who attempted  to counter this danger through peaceful means. TPLF has chosen anti-democratic means to rule the country under iron fist using its divide and rule  policy. Even after 26 years of ruling, there is no shift in TPLF thinking and policy in regard to inclusive and democratic Ethiopian government.


TPLF which controls the whole power is endangering our dear country and people to such grave. It will never give up  or share  power through peaceful means. The only remedy against this oppressive regime is to do the opposite of its thinking, policy and action. Ethiopian people of different ethnicity, language, culture, ability, gender, education and political opinion should   work together in solidarity with aim to preserve our country and  freedom which eventually easily kill TPLF.

We have to wake up from the false dream and hypnosis we are given  for the last 26 years. Unless organised and work in solidarity, the struggle would be futile and  each day we come close to the grave danger. It is up to us to save our country and future, we should never expect and depend on foreign power to do it for us. Remember Somalia, a stateless country since 1991.

Once we save our country and prevent the civil war plotted for us, we can build and  live in peaceful country  in democratic system where every Ethiopian’s right is respected. We all will have equal opportunity to education, employment, business and power. Our difference in  language and culture that make us colourful would be used as our variety and strength instead of our division. We would organise federal system  in our country not based on our difference but in way that will facilitate and fasten economic development and people unity  for every resident in that region. The current federal system is structured for division among people in way that doesn’t favour uniform development among ethnicities and people.

Remember it is only unity and working together that can save our country! I call up on every political organizations that oppose TPLF  and even to the regime supporters to come to these reality, work together and guide our people to save our country from dooms day  and ensure our freedom for ourselves and children.


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