Nobel Peace Prize must spur Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed towards further human rights reform



11 October 2019

Ethiopia: Nobel Peace Prize must spur Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed towards further human rights reform

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Responding to the announcement that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Kumi Naidoo said:

“This award recognizes the critical work Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has done to initiate human rights reforms in Ethiopia after decades of widespread repression.

“Since assuming office in April 2018, it has reformed the security forces, replaced the severely restricting charities and society law, and agreed a peace deal with neighbouring Eritrea to end two decades of hostile relations. He also helped broker an agreement between Sudan’s military leaders and the civilian opposition, bringing an end to months of protests.

“However, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s work is far from done. This award should push and motivate him to tackle the outstanding human rights challenges that threaten to reverse the gains made so far. He must urgently ensure that his government addresses the ongoing ethnic tensions that threaten instability and further human rights abuses. He should also ensure that his government revises the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation which continues to be used as a tool of repression, and holds suspected perpetrators of past human rights violations to account.

“Now more than ever Prime Minister Abiy must fully espouse the principles and values of the Nobel Peace Prize to leave a lasting human rights legacy for his country, the wider region, and the world.”

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  1. But as usual I was up and at em this morning and found out that PM Abiy has won the Nobel Prize.

    This young visionary PM Abiy deserves every ounce of it. The other leader from the old country who deserved the same award was, like I said before, the late Emperor Selassie. I had explained that already!!

    O Ethiopia!!! O you that gem of the colored!!! O Ethiopia!!! I always love you even more so now!!! O Ethiopia who produced children Negash, Bilal and Mary Magdalene who saved the two major religions of the world, Islam and Christianity! O Ethiopia that showed the world the two major religions can coexist peacefully on the same God given earth!!! O Ethiopia whose gallant children showed the rest of the colored from Africa to Asia and Latin America how to stand up to a colonizer bully and beat the living daylight out of him!!! O Ethiopia! Almighty Our Creator Has Shed His Grace On Thee!!! O Ethiopia My Pride and Joy!!!!

    Last week it was our boys and girls at Doha! This is to cap the ice!!! You can’t beat that y’all!!! I’m good now! I’m good for a long time!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooweey!!!!!

  2. how do you reconcile the mass killings, evictions outright discrimination and the prevailing anarchy and the khmer rouge like qeeerrrroooo murderous gang’s murder with impunity? Mr cadre have some humanity.

  3. ኖቤል It is debt of leading people for development, freedom, peace, democracy, equality and live in believing with his values any where in Ethiopia and abroad!!!


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