“O Menelik”: a Brazilian Newspaper named after Emperor Menelik II

The victory of the Battle of Adwa over the Italian invaders by Ethiopians under the leadership of Emeye Menelik is not only an Ethiopian victory, but has been & still is seen in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, etc. as a symbol of resistance against European invaders during & after the so-called ‘Scramble for Africa’. There are several publications that testify to this fact written across the globe as well. By the way, O Menelik, a Brazilian newspaper named after the emperor was specifically designated to symbolize that fact.

I have quite a collection of historical memorabilia in the form of books and artifacts in my own ‘little library’. Among the historical artifacts, I have in my possession, I have always wondered and happen to like the Brazilian Newspaper clip “O Menelik” (printed in Sao Paolo, Brazil in the early 20th. Century). Although I’m not sure of what the Portuguese words mean, one thing is clear… that they admired Emperor Menelik and named their newspaper after him. Another example of the manifestation of admiration towards the Emperor is the fact that several parents were naming their newly born male children as “Menelik”, showing their respect and admiration for the very down-to-earth and humble Emperor. This phenomenon was observed not only in Africa and the Caribbean, but also, around the globe as well. Just a few tidbits of history on the occasion of the Victory of the Battle of Adwa!

Abraham Lakew

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