Petition Condemning the Vicious and Malicious Attack Against EMP Ana Maria Gomes by Surrogates of the Brutal Regime in Ethiopia.

Task Force for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia – Europe

Petition condemning the vicious and malicious attack against EMP Ana Maria Gomes by Surrogates of the brutal regime in Ethiopia.

Following a litany of gross violation of human rights and political repression for over 25 years, Ethiopians have been protesting since November 2015 for their human dignity, constitutional rights and against economic and political marginalisation. The brutal repressive regime responded using brute force killing thousands and sent over 11, 000 innocent citizens to various prisons around the country[1].

On October 9th 2016 the regime, which has lost its legitimacy to rule, declared a six-month country wide state of emergency to inculcate fear among citizens. The state of emergency has effectively put the country under TPLF military rule have shut down mobile Internet service, blocked social media and prohibited public gatherings. The despised minority regime keeps committing crimes against humanity as it fights for its survival.

On December 1st,   2016 Dr. Merara Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) was arrested upon his return to Ethiopia from Brussels after attending a hearing on the political situation in Ethiopia. Ms Ana Maria Gomes wrote to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Vice President of the Commission[2], to take strong measures against the Ethiopian government which has absolute disregard for the respect of human rights, namely freedom of speech.

In an absolute travesty of events, the brutal regime has mobilized its surrogates who were granted political asylum under false pretence of fleeing from persecution in Ethiopia and living in Europe in freedom; to launch a petition campaign against the European Parliament and Ms. Ana Maria Gomes for demanding that Ethiopia respect international human rights norms that it is bound to uphold under the Cotonou Agreement.

We the undersigned and the European Task Force for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia fully support the request of Ms Ana Maria Gomes, calling for the European Parliament to take a strong action against the repressive regime in Ethiopia and demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Dr. Merara Gudina.

We strongly condemn the malicious smear campaign against a highly respected member of an EU Parliamentarian by the brutal minority regime of Ethiopia. Ms Ana Maria Gomes is an ardent defender of human rights, freedom and democracy speaking against repression and injustice in Ethiopia. As the distinguished statesman Edmund Burke once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”.

remain silent”.

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