President Obama STOP the genocide in Ethiopia

Created by A.A. on September 02, 2016

Dear President Obama,

Currently the largest recipient of US tax payers’ dollars and minority regime in Ethiopia officially declared war against its own people. The TPLF led regime who’s controlling every sectors of the government is conducting genocide against the two most populous ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Recently the anti-TPLF led government protests steadily spreads through out Ethiopia’s Oromia and Amhara regions, as usual the country’s well trained security forces used lethal force and massacred thousands of peaceful Amhara and Oromo protesters. The United Nation’s ranking officials and other human rights groups called an international investigation for the mass murder; however, the government rejected the investigation.

We respectfully urge you to STOP the genocide in Ethiopia.

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8 thoughts on “President Obama STOP the genocide in Ethiopia

  1. please help us,the tplf decided to kill all amhara and ormos ,who are 50% of the countries population,for lengthining its regiom.

  2. We, myself and my wife urgently asked USA government to stop genocide Ethiopia. You armed weyane so strong in the name of anti-terror which Meles played a game on USA.

  3. Please stop supporting dictatorship government who kills its own people for expressing their frustration on the government.

  4. it is impossible to separate mixture of milk and water;Oromo & amhara people are such mixture. The reason why tplf regime attempts to separate this mixture is un known.But in previous times tplf did its best in breaking this bond.This bond is formed (linked)through marriage,social life,etc.For instance my man Oromo & my dad is Amhara.Can tplf regime take either Oromo or amhara ethnic from my blood?Your excellence Mr president please tell tplf regime not to do such a guilty activity & inform them also to give up killing innocent kids.We are in the era of globalization;we are having global families through different social media,but why this regime attempts to break this family relationship of the same country’s people.Be aware people of oromia & amhara not to give a chance to those who always do not sleep to break this strong bond.

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