Prime Minister Abiy Reshuffles MeTEC Board

Left to right: Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD), Azeb Mesfin, and Asmelash Weldesellasie

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has reshuffled directors of the board of the state-owned Metals & Engineering Corporation (MeTEC), appointing Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD), minister of Industry, as its third chairman, sources disclosed to Fortune.

Ambachew has replaced Demeke Mekonnen, deputy prime minister, whose shortlived stay on the role spans less than six months. He had replaced the long-serving chairman, Siraj Fegessa, then minister of Defence, now minister of Transport.

Incorporated a decade ago with a 10 billion Br registered capital, the state-owned military-industrial complex has 17 industrial subsidiaries employing over 19,000 people. For long a subject of public controversy and legislative criticisms, an army General Kinfe Dagnew (Maj. Gen) had run the company. He resigned from his executive position last month.

Among the newly appointed board members include Azeb Mesfin and Asmelash Weldesellasie, a.k.a Abay Nefso. Azeb is a widow of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who was purged from the powerful TPLF political bureau in December 2017, while Asmelash serves as a government whip in parliament.

Addis Fortune


  1. I have questions.
    1/ Having messed up MeTec, will the outgoing Tigray Front General Kinfe ever face justice?
    2/ By what standards was Azeb appointed to the board (is she qualified other than being wife of Meles)?
    3/ Interesting that one Tigray Front guy resigns without facing justice and two others are appointed (Azeb and Asmelash)

  2. Pls stop cajoling and entertaining the TPLF bloodsuckers by giving them positions anywhere in the country. The country has completely repudiated their manipulation of power to fulfil an arrogant ethnic philosophy. Enough with these people.


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