Prof Mesfin TPLF TIGRAY & Ethiopia

Prof Mesfin TPLF TIGRAY & Ethiopia


  1. All other Ethiopians and (if any) innocent Tegrians should rise in unison against TPLF (members and its Tegrian affiliates).

    All other Ethiopians should alienate any TPLF and any other Tigre (unless proven innocent).

    The looting, lying, killing, dehumanizing and (culture/history) demolishing projects of TPLF should be stopped by burying TPLF and its agents/affiliates.

    Down to TPLF and its agents/affiliates!

  2. I think this is a fantasy. There will be no unison with Tigray again. We have to accept the fact that the Tigray people will not rise against the mighty TPLF. The majority of the Tigryan people is so proud that the TPLF is now controlling Ethiopia. These guys lives in a fantasy world, they think that they are brave and no one can defeat TPLF. These guys sit and watch when the fascist TPLF killing & torturing peaceful demonstrators. I have not seen so far any opposition against these inhuman act perpetrated and committed by the TPLF in the name of the Tigray people. So, if these guys don’t give a a damn monkey why should we? We should liberate our land and declare that Tigray is not the part of Ethiopia.


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