Public Seminar on 123nd Adwa’s Great African Victory in South Africa

Public Seminar on 123nd Adwa’s Great African Victory
VENUE:  brume morning hill country club 26 Hans Pirow road Burma
Date & Time: March 2st, 2019 from 5.00 – 8:00 PM
Program Director:  Prof. Mammo Muchie,

Time Topic Speaker Organisation
5.00PM  –  5: 05PM Opening & Welcome Remarks Prof Mammo Muchie DST/NRF SARChI Chair , TUT
5.05PM  –  5: 15PM Adwa Victory Made Africa a Victor and not a Victim Former president Dr.Thabo Mbeki (Excerpts from his 120 Adwa Victory  Inspiring Keynote address). TMALI/Thabo Mbeki Foundation, South Africa
5.15PM  –  5: 30PM








Prof. Chris Landsberg






Adwa Victory Proof of  the African Solutions to African Problems






DST/NRF Research Chair: University of Johannesburg



5:30- 5:40

  Messages on the Great Adwa Victory  and African History Month Prof.Molefi K  Asante Temple, University, Pennsylvania, USA
5. 40PM  –  5: 50PM Reflections with Poetry  on adwa Kirubel Abate KIRU IMAGE  STUDIO  
5.50PM  –  5: 55PM




Adwa Victory : to reinventing African Development((Presentationsent with ppt)




Ambassador Park of






Embassy of Korea







Ato Kidane Alemayehu



Yekatit 12 Memorial & the  struggle for Justice to get the Vatican  to Aplogise for Blessing the Massacres of Ethiopian Patriots Global Alliance for Justice, Dallas , Texas, USA
5:55- 6:15 ·         Ethiopian Women like Sewarged Gedile’s Contributions to Ethiopian Independent History:  Etigue Taitu as a Role Model of Women Across the World


Dr.Seble Worku Director in Statistics in South Africa.
6.00-6.10 PM  


Remembering the

Yekatiti 12 Fascist

Massacre and the

Destruction of Priests and




Message to be Solicited from the Church Ethiopian Orthodox Church
6.10PM  –  6: 40PM ETHIOPIAN youth participation for Africa Negusu


Ethiopian youth ART group
6.40PM  –  7: 00PM Motivational Poetry about Freedom Kirubel kassaye Outsource entertainment
7.00PM  –  7: 30PM Why before the 125 Adwa  African Victory  in South Africa the Erection of an Aste Menelik Statue is In



Prof Mammo Muchie SARChI , TUT
7.00PM  –  7: 30PM The benefit of unity  Mesfen  Ethiopian youth ART group 
7;30-7:40 Closing Remarks Prof. Mammo Muchie EPASA  Board Chair person


Everything is Moved But Memory:. Let us Retain in our Memory on the Great African Adwa Victory

Ethiopia has need of no one. She stretches out her hands to God” — Emperor Menelik, February, 1897

“There was never a time when united that Ethiopians lost to an enemy; it is non-existent in history”–Emperor Menilek II, 1909

“Those who are strong, support us with your strength. Those who are weak, support us with your prayers” — Emperor Menelik

“I am a woman. I do not like war. But I would rather die than accepting your deal”– Etige Taitu Bitul, Wife of Menelik II

“Although it had been conquered dozens of times, Ethiopia was the birthplace of African nationalism.” —Nelson Mandela

“So lofty was the status of Ethiopia in the African diaspora that it sometimes was synonymous with Africa itself”—Raymond Jonas

Ethiopia was one of the few nation-states under African control. Many people of African ancestry embraced it as evidence of the black capacity for self-rule” –Asante

“Adwa Victory made Africa a victor, not a victim” —Former President Dr. Thabo Mbeki

“Better to continue learning our history to know ourselves to make a positive difference to the Africana world’s bright future” — Mammo Muchie

“Ethiopia has a unique distinction in the universe for empowering those that were disempowered, for humanising those that were dehumanised, spiritualising those that were denied their right to worship God and inspiring and strengthening those oppressed to resist oppression” —Mammo Muchie

If in Brazil the newspaper ‘Oh Menelik’ after the Great Adwa Victory was created, why not we fail to erect a statue in Southern Africa where Ethiopianism has inspired the liberation imagination of all Africans with the second Ethiopia Manifesto declared after Adwa Victory in 1896 in Southern Africa.   Molefi K Asante and Mammo Muchie

If the American president John F Kennedy, the French president Jacques Chirac and Mummar Gaddafi all recognise Aste Menelik as the greatest African leader for ably  leading and winning the Adwa  victory to make Africa free, why are some in current Ethiopia   use ethnic virus  and fail to recognise this great African leader?  Mammo Muchie

Relevant educational Links on great Adwa Victory




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