Rumor has it that Nigusu Tilahun is going to replace Dr Negeri Lencho

 Nigusu is a staunch supporter of Gedu, a moderate within ANDM, and a bosom friend of Addisu Arega (OPDO spokesperson). We also saw him repeatedly head-butted with both the formal and the informal mouthpieces of TPLF. If this rumor holds true, will that position has any good for the Amhara people? Maybe

1. Having a visible position at the federal level is good for ANDM publicity. But I am not sure if this position is as good as the foreign affairs office or the road authority or the finance ministry.

2. ANDM has officially two antagonistic groups: Team Gedu, pro Amhara-pro Ethiopia and team Bereket, anti-Amhara-anti Ethiopia. Niggusu’s federal post may strengthen the pro-Amhara reformist group (Team Gedu) because power is highly concentrated at the center where this group had little chance to project influence from Bahirdar. At the federal level, ANDM has been represented by the Anti-Amhara group such as Bereket and kebede Chanie for a long while. Cutting their influence short is then imperative for our people.

3. Before the resignation of Pm Haile Mariam, rumors floated briefly that Aleminew would replace Negeri. Aleminew was TPLF’s choice by then, later refused to take the post mentioning his English language deficiency. PM Abiy resorted to a known OPDO supporter, Niggusu who might not be the choice of TPLF. If this story becomes true, TPLF is definitely on the losing track.

4. At least Niggusu will stop the tax payer’s money that Daniel Birihanie and co are collecting from this office (33,000 per month) literally to post two short toxic FB updates per day. I hope Nigusu will not shift this money to Dereje Gerefa tulu and co as well

The monstrous English language is the biggest enemy of ANDM people; we will see how Niggie will overcome this challenge. He will be fine I guess. He should accept it.

Miky Amhara


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