Sad but true, – Eduardo Byrono

Sad but true, All these organizations are presenting just one community, And as I have once quoted in the past,no one so far dares to ask why all these gangs are needed?
Or what did they accomplish up to this time? Except opening Facebook page to insult people like me, who are trying to expose their cunning agenda, there is nothing they have accomplished so far.
If I am wrong , then prove me I am, Other than posting posters to announce your meeting date and place on your Facebook page , Please tell me one good thing which any of your organizations have done so far?
We have got thousands of political prisoners from all type of communities languishing behind bars back at home. So what have these organizations done to support or comfort the family, whom the prisoners left behind?
As far as I am concern, these fraud organizations don’t have the right capability to make the right change which Ethiopians have been seeking for over two decades, instead, they have been inflicting more harm on our nation than the oppressors.




  1. Most of them could be TPLF ORIENTED/SUPPORTED spy gangs!

    Thus, those are definitely working against rather towards the demmy of Amhara/Ethiopia!

  2. Indeed too sad to have this number of associations representing one and one people. There could still be more and yet to declare. The Amara from every corner only needs one party expected to emerge as a unifying strong political force. It is not in the interest of the proud ,decent and patriotic Amaras to be represented by more than one party and they must start a dialogue immediately to unify. They should learn lessons from Gondar HIbret and the recentl and most vibrant Gojjam Alliance on how to assist victims of woyane atrocities. They are enviable in all instances as they are organized in the most effective and efficient form, This model of'”kiflehager” is only viable option to reach out as many people possible in Gojjam and Gondar. It is highly expected Showa and Wollo compatriots wiill soon join hands here in North America. Hundreds have been killed and thousands in concentration camps suffering in the hands of blood thirsty group of the TPLF. Yet,hundreds are bed ridden and disabled from shot wounds inflicted while they were singing for freedom in the streets of Gondar and Gojjam towns. They urgently need your assistance for treatment-rehabilitation and basic necessities of life as they no longer go out to school or work.Please support the Gojjam and Gondar humanitarian alliances who have proven to us that no one better handles such an important mission to save lives. W e should feel our sense of duty and responsibility to express our solidarity to sons and daughters of Amara/Agew who sacrificed their lives and limbs . Victory bells are ringing and Ethiopia shall be free soonAdugnaw


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