Scores Die In Southern Ethiopia Due To A Conflict Between Mezhenger And ‘Highlanders’


October 10, 2014

Although the Ethiopian Defense struggled to quell the conflict between the Mezhenger communities and the commonly known “highlanders” that has killed so many people in Southern Ethiopia last month, the conflict has now spread to the Gurafarda Woreda area where at least 20 people have so far been killed and many have fled the area.

Sources have said to ESAT that women and children have fled the region and a contingent of the Defense Force has started moving to the conflict region due to the escalation of the conflict in the past three days alone.

Residents fear the conflict may spread to other towns.  Although some of the internally displaced people had been returning to the area since the conflict started early September 2014, they say they still fear for their safety.

ESAT has received graphic photo and video evidences that show savagely killed children, mothers and elders in the region. ESAT has decided not to broadcast them due to its editorial policy.

Although the government’s ethnic centred policy is the main cause of the conflict, sources that follow the issue closely say the land grab in the region has triggered the conflict.

ESAT has just learnt a little after entering studio that the conflict has “terrifyingly intensified.”

Source: ESAT

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