Have the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians lost their mind? It sure seems

Zekarias Ezra

Something is seriously wrong with our brothers, the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians.

Of course, it has been wrong for many years now, but we just thought, with the ascendency of one of their own vowing to do differently than his evil predecessor, they have changed. Alas! They have not a bit. They in fact have ratcheted up a notch.

The thorny case of Addis Ababa

This has always been a hot issue among the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians. But I doubt the gallant youths of Oromo have died for a mere name change; from Addis Ababa to Finfine. They were pro-democracy and anti-EPRDF and have died for democracy and freedom.

They have succeeded, aided by their brothers and sisters, the Fanos and others, at least in giving TPLF a run for its money and hiding in Mekelle abdicating power to their former comrades from OPDO.

Ethiopia is now run by ODP-EPRDF; and not TPLF-EPRDF. Yet, day in and day out the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians keep crying foul every time they show up on TV or any public gathering. What really is up with them?

Dr Abiy had appointed, illegally I might add, Eng. Takele as Mayor of Addis Ababa. It is widely reported this Mayor has been busy doing many questionable actions since taking office and his deputy W/O Dagmawit was removed. Even then the cries of the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians has continued unabated.

Just this past week, Ato Jawar has made his intentions known. By hook or crook, he and his Queero will make sure Addis Ababa will be a ‘Finfine of their dream. The special privileges and rights guaranteed by the Woyane legislation will be implemented. No one has yet told us what those privileges and rights are. As for who is Mayor, Jawar has advised us we can bring from China or planet Mars, for all he cares. If one reads between the lines, he is basically saying ‘it does not matter, one way or another we will execute our, (jawar’s and his team) plan. By the way, all this is taking place in Addis Ababa, the seat of the government.

When we were still processing what has transpired, another  self-appointed Oromo politician, Ato Lencho Bati, showed up on LTV, with Bethlehem Tafesse, and rehashed the same old-fake story with a twist.

After letting us in with a little secret that he and his group were in-the-know of the activities of the ‘Team Lemma’ group as far back as 2012, he declared that they have effectively changed things in the ground. He gave an example. In the past to find an Oromo speaking resident in Addis was difficult, now, according to Lencho, 3 out of 5 speak Affan Oromo. Anyone who has lived in Addis Ababa for any length of time would know this is utter lie. Shame on this politician! Our Oromo brothers and sisters had been an integral part of Addis Ababa for generations. For Lencho to imply Addis Ababa was closed for Oromos until Dr Abiy ascended to power is an absurd statement that has no equivalence.

You wish he has stopped on this absurdity, but he did not. He added another two for us to process. The legislation to grant Oromia Regional State special privileges in Addis Ababa should be construed, according to the self-appointed legal expert Ato Lencho Bati, to mean ‘Oromia just want equal rights and privileges, not any special one’.  Does he think we are gullible fools? Let along for those of us trained in law, even for a non-lawyer person, the intent of the provision of the legislation is clear. We are just waiting to see the regulations that implements or outlines what those special interest are.

Ato Lencho and W/t Bethlehem Tafesse also defined for us who are not the true heroes of the struggle. Getting imprisoned, so they argued, does not make one a hero even if that person suffered repeated imprisonment on account of his political views while he/she could easily avoid such suffering by fleeing from the country as Lencho, Jawar and others have done. They made it clear that Eskinder is no hero because he said, ‘the Addis Ababa electorate will punish Mayor Takele in the upcoming election’. Ato Lencho also echoed Jawar and advised us to hire a Mayor from any other country in the world. Translation: “The Oromo plan for Addis Ababa will be executed.”

The rest of us shall wait and see what plan they have in store for us!



  1. The issue of the Oromo should be discussed and implemented to the Ethiopian politics with rational observations and according to the international law of ingenious people.Most of the Ethiopian ethnic groups including the major ones Amhara and Oromo migrated from other places except the Afar ethnic people that has archaeological and historical facts as the only ingenious people in the region.
    The Ormo people being the first majority ethnic people in Ethiopia never get the fair political power share that may promote their culture and identity who have been marginalized and oppressed by the successive Ethiopian emperors and the later Military Derg Junta and the ethnic minority Tigre Woyane.The Ormos were having better rights and recognition as an Oromo in Kenya where they are the minorities while subjugated and deny their traditional association Mecah and Tumlema nad practicing their language since the time of the emperors by marginalization of labeling “Ethiopia” as Amharic or Tigergan speakers and the founder was hanged by Haileselasse court.The popular r movement of the cold war time created many national and rthnic orhganzations who brought polarization and unnecessary divisions and blood shed among Ethiopian people.
    This time the nation Ethiopia is blessed with a humble leadership of a promising young men Abiy and Lemma who did the best in the history of African politcs. However the extremists from both major ethnic groups Amhara and Oromo are confusing the people especially the youth for another unnecessary bloodshed with many fantasies out of realities one of the burning issues is the ownership of the capital city Addis Ababa formerly Finfinne that was the city of Oromos before two hindered years ago that has proof with historians like Belaten Getta Heruy and Ylima Deressa’s historical books in Amharic.The issue of Addis Ababa and the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups should be governed by the international law for indigenous people for any compensation for eviction and the living rights of those people resided and resettled to the city.Most metropolitan cite have fair laws for such issues and it should be applied as well for Ethiopian cities https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/11287462.2015.1036514

  2. Oromos migrated to to Ethiopia over the last some 400 years. As nomads who had never tilled the land untill Ethiopians particularly Amaras taught them, moved to wherever their animals could find pasrture.
    They do not even have a name for a city let alone knowing to build one.
    So it is absolutely rediculous to claim any city, much less Addis which has been inhabited at least since the fourth century. Oromos invaded Ethiopia in the 16th century, largely because of Somalis’ perpetual war with them.

    As relatively recent immigrants, Oromos were scattered all over Ethiopia. The self-appointed Oromo spokesmen are a bunch of disgruntled, immoral, semi-literate, unscruplous liars only good at misinforming the horde. These disingenous scum of the society they live in as refugees live off welfare.

    They have no shame culture that is why they have gone overboard. It does not matter to them that Addis was also Berera until 1530s when Gran Ahamed sacked it, and some Oromos annexed it. The inhabitants like now were largely Amharas, Gurages and Gafats, whose language has gone extinct when Oromos overwhelmed them.

    The nameless self-appointed Oromo leaders are acting like the South African settler colonialists who wish to carve out a white-only territory within the South Africa which they had occupied just after Oromos did the same in Ethiopia.

    Well there will be a backlash from the indigenous Ethiopians. Let them have the illusion that Oromos are the most nuemerous people in Ethiopia. This is all lie doctored for devious ends.

    This is the history. But they are bereft of a sense of history, justice and decency. They must be spoken to in the only language that they can understand. That might happen sooner than later.

  3. Aselefech Kibret, issue is OLF does not accept the history of Oromo expansion eventhough Gragn Mohamed chroniclers, 14-16th century European explorers who visited the Horn, the famous Aba Bahrey, many other Christian chroniclers and Arab historians who wrote the history of the Horn based on Arab traders all agree that Oromos just arrived after 16th century. Gragn Mohamed whose territory once expanded from the Red-sea down south to Wolayta-Bali, westward to Damot (Welega) and northward to Eritrea never mentioned fighting and converting the Oromo tribes now found in what is today called Oromiya.

    Oromo children are being brainwashed by OLFs own fabricated history that claims Oromo expansion as a history fabricated by Debeteras/Amharas. If these OLF ideology worshipers ruled Addis Ababa they will be destroying libraries of Addis and all the archaeological sites in the Yerer and Entoto mountain that proof that in those mountains of Addis there was a city with palaces and churches that was once called Barara. Barara have been the capital of Ethiopia for more than 100 years until 1530s.

    OLF ideology worshipers need to know that history doesn’t begin by 1850 as people have been making history for 1,000s of years and it should be thought by professional historians not by politicians. Ethnic politics will only make the Horn of Africa a hell. If war started no one will win. As one try to push millions from what they believe is their territory people became hopeless and defend themselves to the death. History thought as a lesson and number doesn’t matter and we can learn from Rwanda. When majority 85% Hutus pushed 15% Tutsis they not only defended themselves to death but even later won and Tutsis led by Paul Kagame is dominating Rwandan politics for over 27 years.

    The only solution is to accept the truth, the truth that identity begin from race (not from language or culture) and by race we all are one people with one identity (all mixed black) based on our DNA and physical appearance. A billion Africans speaking European languages as fluent as Europeans, teaching their children from nursery-KG to university doesn’t make their identity as Europeans. Language is dynamic and it changes every generation and its purpose is just for communication. The Amharic we speak today and the Amharic spoken 100 or 500 years ago are not the same and even by 9th centuary Amharic and almost all the 80 languages spoken in Ethiopia including Oromo, Somali and Tigrigna did not even exist according to linguists research. People have been moving freely and intermixing for 1,000s of years and that all land in Ethiopia have been for all for 1,000s of years and should be in the future. That is what all African countries accepted and why should Ethiopia not accept this truth?

  4. Aselefech Kibret; you are reading/writing too much fiction. Children of Neftegnas nowadays take the fictions written by their parents and grandparents for truth. And Barara is one such fictitious town, authored by NAMA.
    You live in a dream world, and we do not want to disturb you out of your dreams and self delusions. Our worry is only that you may one day violently wake up to reality!

  5. A proverb in afaan Oromoo says: “A child who missed its mom only for an hour cried more loudly than that who lost its mother forever because of death”. Everything in Ethiopia is like that vice versa.

    According to the current statistics of the Ethiopian Airlines more than 40 percent of it’s employees are from Amahara region about 25 percent from Tigray and only about 6 percent are from Oromia. But still you complain about it more than the Oromo do. You better call it the Airlines of the Amhara people. But still they complain more loudly that the Oromo do.

    The racists are campaigning against the Oromo individuals and people in all fronts. They don’t want to see Chala or Gemachuu as leader in any institution. They think that the Oromo have no deserved to lead. They used to consider the Oromo individuals as their servants and Oromia as their private property. Still they are dreaming to see the Oromo in the sate of serfdom. This guy a comrade of the ugly Eskinder Nega. Let me tell you the naked realities: you will never dictate the Oromo people anymore. If you believe in equality try to promote it. Otherwise keep your filthy mouth shut. We are in the era of the Qeerroos.

    The campaign of Eskinder Nega and his comrades in all fronts is not new. It is just the continuation of their campaigns against the Oromo people in the last 140 years. They have been attacking Tekle Uma since he swore in as the mayor of Finfinne because he is an Oromo. If someone from Gonder had took the position, we would have never heard such noises. But we need no permission from those mentally retarded like Eskinder to get back Finfinne as an integral part of Oromia. We will get it back by our struggles likewise we librated Eskinder from the bondage the TPLF. Thus, the Oromo people will not strife any more for the special interests. If you don’t want to see the Oromo daughters and sons waking proudly in Finfinne you can leave our city peacefully, otherwise your liberators will teach you soon unforgettable lessons.

    The claim of Eskinder Nega is similar to that of some racist white settlers of Southafrica who tried to claim their own state within Southafrica at the beginning of the 90th. Those individuals were growing up with the mentalities of apartheid and they cannot accept the Africans as an equal human being. Therefore, it was a shame for them to live with the Africans as an equal citizen. We have been entertaining such latent apartheid and segregation mentalists in Ethiopia since the Era of Menelik. For them the Oromo nation is subhuman and it’s cultural and social values are irrelevant. But now the time of such individuals with antihuman mentalities is up. No more segregation and discrimination of the Oromo nation and it’s culture and laguage in it’s own homeland. The sleeping giant is awake. The dreams of persons like Eskinder are just a sign of desperation and hopelessness. No one can help them.

    Besides that, Finfinne is not an island and cannot stand by itself. It depends in all aspects on Oromia. Mind you: Without Oromia no Finfinne! Without the whole Oromia including Finfinne there will be no Ethiopia. Thus, it is your choice to live with this great nation in peace or to face unnecessary confrontation. The noises here and there can not change the truth and natural rights of the Oromo nation.

    Finally, let me make it clear:The demands of the Oromo people are the ownership of the city itself and the development of afaan Oromoo, Oromo culture and values in the city. Of course the basic human rights including all the social, cultural and economic rights of the residents of the Finfinne city will be respected at the individual and group levels fully. Beyond that the self rule of the city will be respected. But it should not contradict itself with the interests of the Oromo nation. The main problem is not about the rights of the residents in Finfinne but about Oromo phobia. Some educated, but backward minded individuals hate the Oromo values, culture and language everywhere and every day.

    According to the anti-Oromo elements: first of all the Amahara and amharic speaking have full rights to do what they please in Finfinne, second the Africans and the rest of the world, but not Oromo. Besides that ever language can used in Finfinne, but not afaan Oromoo. But it is futile! No more business as usual!

    If you want to know the truth, we are all Oromo first and OLF in our hearts including the beloved leaders of that country at this crucial time!

  6. Wezero/rt, Aselfech,

    I am sure our Amhara brothers are ashamed of you and your language! your unbridled bristling and spewing out invectives of the uncultivated mind on the Oromo activists are unwarranted. All the diatribe and harangue that you’ve regurgitated will not bring any change on the ground as far as the Oromo activists are concerned! The shame and disgrace are on you not on the Amhara community you claim to advocate for! you’re an embarrassment to all Ethiopians !!

  7. In regards to Gamada comment “you dont like people with Oromo name”. Let me remind you that we have many heroes who have Oromo names like Balcha Aba Nebso (remember the saying Gebeyehu bimot teteka Balcha medf Agelabach bicha le bicha), Abdisa Aga, Jagama Kelo, Geresu Duki, Aba Jifar, Gugsa Araya Selase (Gugsa is typical Oromo name yet it is the name of grandson of Tigray Governor and Ethiopian emperor Atse Yohanes iv), Ras Gugsa of Yejju (Menelik Appointed Gugsa with an Oromo name to rule over the Gondar Amahras), Jara Mesfin (The most powerful landlord aristocrat of Hailselase gave an Oromo name for his favorite eldest son), Gobana Dache (whom didnt change his Oromo name and still loved by Menelik, Menelik loved and respected him so much that he gave his favorite eldest daughter to Gobanas son with an Oromo name Wedajo for marriage), Derartu Tulu, Kenenisa Bekele, Lema Megersa…………….list for the well known throughout Ethiopia goes on and on not forgetting the Oromos with Oromo names that we not only respected but also elected them as the leader of our edir and equb and the leader of our kebeles all over Addis Ababa and through out Ethiopia. So you guys when will you stop with your nonsense ideology based on fabricated stories?

    As the above list shows even aristocrats children were named by an Oromo name and even people with Oromo names were appointed to the highest positions meaning in Ethiopia there has never been any rule for people to change their name from their ethnic name to another one. People out of their love for their religion choose bible name and Quran name for their children like Mikael, Gabriel, Mohamed, Kedir which all came from Middle east and it’s everyones right to put their religion identity first and even it’s peoples right to even give international name like John or Smith or Obama or Trump or whatever. If your father or mother named you Mohamed, Abdul Fetah, Mikael, Haile-gabrial then blame just your parent for being too religious or for having a religion because there have never been laws or decrees (awajs) by Ethiopian government regarding what people name should be.

    If you are against people who put their religious identity first then say so and in addition to OLF we will have ISIS and Alshabab as if we do not have enough crazy extremists in Ethiopia and then the war will be between people “my religion first” vs “my ethnicgroup first” which later divide into “my religion sect is the true one” VS “my clan-tribe is the best and true one within the ethnicgroup while others are mixed” VS “my dialect is the correct one while the other dialect is corrupt and mixed with others”

    In regards to Addis Ababa, my opinion for the crazy extremist is that before you ask Addis Ababa to be part of Oromiya first acknowledge the existence of millions of non Oromos throughout Oromiya region, acknowledge that these millions are equal with all Oromos and have all the right that the Oromos have (to elect and be elected as even the president of Oromiya), acknowledge the existence of people called Zay & Amharas around Debre Libanos (natives who lived around Ziway and Debre Libanos for 1,000s of years), then adjust your regional constitution that looks like Israels constitution (the most and only racist constitution in the world that says Israel is for Jewish) and finally If you cant change the regions name to that of inclusive like South Africa then adjusting the constitution to say “Oromiya is for all” is the least you can do.

    After doing all that then prepare your Oromiya parliament for the Addis Ababa and surrounding areas as well as the representatives of the millions of non Oromos living throughout Oromiya (together with Addis constituting about 30% of Oromiya parliament) and prepare to get used to the chaos and noises that they
    will make for every sessions that currently is being held quietly with little opposition. Prepare your Oromiya TV to live broadcast the Oromiya parliament session as Addis Ababa representatives preaching one Ethiopia and even making speeches about the 16th century history that many extremists don’t want the Oromos to be enlightened. If this option irritates you might want to try to expel millions of non Oromos and these option will take you the Rwanda way i.e. making minorities hopeless not fearing death and defending themselves to death which results into over supply of soldiers for Opposition parties supported by Amhara region and Tigray region. The other option is the Somalia way i.e. making 100 million people stateless with one region supporting other regions destabilization and with no one winning the war for the next 50 years. In Addition to Rwanda way and Somalia way there is third option i.e. to leave Addis Ababa and Oromiya as it has been for the past 27 years with no one interfering with anyone internal affairs.

  8. Gamadaa , You don’t teach no one anything. Your bravado has no place in Ethiopia. You can leave proudly as you may . That is your Ethiopian right, you don’t negotiate those rights, granted. But what you missing the train for is your understanding that Every Ethiopan has the same right you have. You don’t impose or do social engineering wily nily. one you respect each and all Ethiopian right to make their decision on equal basis. So if there is a problem exists all come to the table and try to work out their differences and accommodate each other as needed. Tamping your chest is not going to bring about a solution . So think it through before you hit the key bord.

  9. Gamadaa , You don’t teach no one anything. Your bravado has no place in Ethiopia. You can leave proudly as you may . That is your Ethiopian right, you don’t negotiate those rights, granted. But what you missing the train for is your understanding that Every Ethiopan has the same right you have. You don’t impose or do social engineering wily nily. one you respect each and all Ethiopian right to make their decision on equal basis. So if there is a problem exists all come to the table and try to work out their differences and accommodate each other as needed. Tamping your chest is not going to bring about a solution . So think it through before you hit the key board.

  10. I’m very curious to know what makes this habesh people so naive from other human beings. I swear, these people don’t have a bit keen intelligence to deem.
    I think it’s better not to argue with such archaic and primitive society…because they degrade you beneath their level.

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