We Shall  Never Forget the Dead Souls to Lick Ice Cream of Political Advantages from Blood Stained Spoons

By Belayneh Abate​

As we speak, many are excited because the robbers are fighting each other when they are sharing the treasure they looted from the precious Muday of our mother.  Fabricating  slaves such as Tamirat, Addissu, Dulla, Teferra, Hassen, Ayalew, Demeke, Gedu, Lemma and Abiy   as the guards  of its  looting tent called  the Ethiopian People Destruction Front (EPRDF), TPLF has  been robbing the wealth and the lives of millions for the last three decades.  Despite this fact,  many are standing behind  the guards of  EPRDF that served TPLF as robots.

In this era, it appears that politics and money come before lives. Because politics and  money come ahead of lives, we are cheering  like soccer fans  for the junior robbers and murderers to score goals on the major robbers and murderers.  We shamelessly cheer for junior murderers, but no indication that we  care much about the dead souls. The temporary arrest of two looters is intoxicating us, and we are forgetting  the dead souls, who scarified their lives for our freedoms.

While the dead souls were fighting these criminals,  some of us  served the  killers, and most of us hid in our pits like winter rats. When the killer winter was stopped by the dead souls, we the rats came out of the pits wagging our tails like tigers.

Taking long lines,  we the rats saluted the junior robbers and criminals to lick ice cream of political advantages from their blood stained spoons. Cheating the winter rats and building a ladder from the bones of dead souls, a criminal ascent to the position of a prime minister and started preaching as a pastor​.  Right after ascension to power, the pastor “prime minister” acted as a  mediator and forgiver. Furthermore, he  appointed his criminal friends  as ministers and governors.

Similarly, crossing the blood river of dead souls, the unprincipled and power seeking opposing politicians joined the criminal ministers and governors. Their fans sang and danced on the streets of the cities that drained the  blood of our martyrs.

Observing this madness, the martyrs soul is weeping while we are performing political prostitution with junior murderers and robbers. The dead souls’ spirit is tearing while we dine and enjoy fantasy politics with their  actual and proxy murderers. The martyrs souls  are crying for justice because they understand justice cannot be delivered as long as loyal servants of murderers take the powers. The martyrs blood  continues to flow in search of justice because it realizes justice cannot be delivered by traitor politicians that dine with their killers. The bones of dead souls continue to dig for justice because they understand justice cannot be delivered by the winter rats that swish their tails only when summer comes.

Although we hide in pits during winter and we swish our tails during summer,  we are ephemeral and we cannot escape death. However, the tailless truth is eternal and it will remain behind us to tell our hypocrisies as  historical shameful tales. Burying the eternal truth in the ditches, we jabbered the holy concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation to justify our surrender to the criminals.  Preaching forgiveness in the absence of confessions and justice, we traded the  souls of heroes for political strategists standing on the  streets where the martyrs’ blood spilled​ .

Using political strategies as excuses,  many traitor politicians are fiddling  behind the skirts of former robots of TPLF because these politicians are paralyzed and they cannot walk or stand on their spines. These paralyzed politicians named  Abiy, Lemma, Gedu, Demeke and others as “the forces of changes ” because they want to use these “forces of changes” as walkers and wheel chairs to move around in search of powers. The fact of the matter is that the  paralyzed politician cannot  show crimes committed in the absence of  their forces of changes.

Who is going to deny the presence or participation of these robots when TPLF committed crimes of ethnic cleansing all over the country? Were not Addisu and his colleagues loyal servants of TPLF when Wolkaite and Raya were taken, and the Amaras in these fertile lands were decimated  to the levels of endangered species? Were not Gedu  and Demeke serving TPLF like the Afar camels  when the people of Begemidir, Gojjam, Wollo and Shewa and Gambella were massacred like the Holocaust of Jews.  Were not Abiy  and Lemma serving TPLF like Sahara  jackasses while the prisons were  speaking Oromogna and people were slaughtered like the sacrifices of Holidays in Debre-Zeit Irecha, Ambo, Wolega, Woliso, Sululta, Shashemene, Kefa and other regions?

Are we intentionally forgetting the birth linage of TPLF and its loyal servants?  Do not we know that  a foreign serpent created the cursed TPLF in a cursed desert where the cursed anti-Amara manifesto was drafted? Have we forgotten the cursed TPLF created  its robot weapons and gathered them  in the tents of Amara National Democratic party (ANDM) and Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO)?  Do not we know, TPLF used these robot weapons and  massacred our people on  the streets, threw them in cliffs, sterilized them in neighborhoods and tortured them in prisons? Do not we understand that TPLF used these robot weapons as cover ups and robbed our mother and forced her walk naked with fragile skeletons?

Why are we getting, then,  into ANDM’s and OPDO’s tents to hag and kiss  the criminal robots that facilitated the massacre of our brothers and sisters and robbed our mother  and forced her to walk naked on broken bones?  Have you blushed with shame yet? or Have you erased your conscience like Legesse Zenawi since you bowed as an arc to the  criminals you used to oppose?

Who is going to deny the reality that the  former robot and the current  preacher” prime minister” sat on his current chair because of the dead souls his party  slaughtered for the last 30 years?

Who is going to rebuff the fact that the unprincipled and power seeking politicians crossed the  Atlantic and Indian Oceans through the bridges of dead souls and  started  dining with their murderers? Who is going to refute the fact that these traitor politicians  betrayed the martyrs slaughtered and suffered in the name of their organizations?

Who is going to repudiate the reality that the cheer leaders of these traitors assembled flowers from the graves of dead souls and present it to these traitors  and  salute them as liberators?

Similarly, who is going to deny  the fact that the foreign stationed Radios and Televisions started to broadcast from Addis using the bones and hairs of the dead souls as  Satellites? Who is going to  negate the fact that these shameless radios and televisions  immediately became the mouth pieces of the criminals forgetting the martyrs, who enabled them to bark from Addis?


Who is going to deny the fact that  the people of Ethiopia  started to breath clean air after the dust was swept away by the last breathes of the dead souls? Who is going deny the reality that many of this  clean air breathers stand behind EPRDF  betraying the dead souls that supplied clean air through their noses?

Who would deny the fact that any better thing  we see  today is coming from the flesh and bone of the  dead souls? Who does not know the dead souls spilled their blood from Raya to Wolkait, from Gondar to Bahirdar, From Ambo to  Nekemt, from  Gambella to Konso and  from Ogaden to Bedeno? Who is not realizing the dead souls blood is still flooding to the  the  rivers of Tekezzie, Abay, Guder, Awash, Genale, Shebele, Gibbie and Baro?

If we  process and send the information from our  sense organs to our conscience,  we will find out that we are playing games on dead souls. The dead souls that we play game upon are immortal and afresh.  We step upon them; we see them, we smell them, and we breath them. Although we are breathing and smelling the souls of  martyrs, we still fall in love with their murderers and  share their blood stained bed sheets. This disgraceful disregard to the dead souls shows that we have lost even our instinct behaviors that we share with sheep, cows, and pigs.  Sheep and cattle cry Buaaa…and Bhaaa … when they breath and smell the blood of their loved ones.

Loosing instinct behavior that we share with cows, we are abstaining from seeking justice for millions of dead souls. Dropping the instinct trait that we share with pigs, we are establishing alliance with killers of millions to lick ice cream of political advantages.

We shall never forget the dead souls to lick  ice creams of political advantages from the blood stained  spoons of criminals.

የሞተን አትርሳ የወደቀን አንሳ! Thank you.


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The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

August 14, 2018.



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