Shashamane is fed up of Agazi


After being subjected to daily killings for peacefully demanding their rights for the last 3 months, the Oromo people are within their legitimate right to hit back against ruthless Agazi soldiers. Last month elders from all provinces of Oromia traveled to Finfinne demanding to speak with appropriate authorities. But no one wanted to talk to them.The federal government refused to see them. The regional authorities were also prevented from meeting with them. Hence they left recorded and written message which included demanding immediate withdrawals of the military from villages and towns. The elders explained with evidence how soldiers have been abusing women, attacking youth for no reason, robbing businessmen and obstructing farmers. This demand was echoed by OPDO central committee which demanded withdrawal of federal forces from the region. Yet the military does not only remain in Oromia but also more reinforcement is being sent to several districts.

After suffering prolonged abuse including rape of their daughters and wives, the Oromos around Shashemene began renewed protest three days ago. The Agazi responded by attacking them. This morning Agazi caught and executed two peaceful protesters on the street. Fed up and angry farmers and the local militia hit back against Agazi reportedly killing several soldiers.

The TPLF regime is strongly advised to withdraw the military immediately. Refusing to do so and continuing with this daily abuse will result in further escalation of conflict. All of those concerned about stability in Ethiopia and the region are in their best interest to pressure their puppet regime to rethink its response to the legitimate demands of the Oromo people. While the Oromo still prefer to continue with their nonviolent resistance, they should not be expected to accept daily death and humiliation forever. They are reaching the tipping point.


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