Soladarity message to One Amhara Organization

Qafar Ummattah Party                                                 Afar People’s Party

March 21, 2018

Dear One Amhara Organization,

Afar People’s Party appreciate your invitation to participate in launching ceremony of your organization. Regrettably enough, we couldn’t make it to be in place to applaud your success.

The great People of Amhara have being playing a significant role in defending Ethiopia’s sovereignty and preserving our common assets as nation. However, during the Woyane era this great nation became a target for repeated annihilation, humiliation and displacement. Given these facts, the Afar people deeply understand and share your agony, marginalisation and your need to organize yourself to play an active role in rebuilding a new democratic Ethiopia. Our new Ethiopia is where all Ethiopians can live together in equality, mutual respect, harmony and national pride.

The repressive regime of Woyane is trembling and its legacy is fading away rapidly. Nevertheless, our challenges ahead are how we can build an inclusive and democratic Ethiopia together. It is our hope that One Amhara organisation will play a key role in connecting the dots. The people of Afar as always stands by you and will stand with you!

Afar People’s Party would like to congratulate you and wish you successful formation of One Amhara organisation!

Fraternal greetings, Dr. Kontie Moussa

Chairman, Afar People’s Party



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