Statement from the Press Secretary on Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – The White House

The White House Press Secretary

The United States supports Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan’s ongoing negotiations to reach a cooperative, sustainable, and mutually beneficial agreement on filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.  All Nile Valley countries have a right to economic development and prosperity.  The Administration calls on all sides to put forth good faith efforts to reach an agreement that preserves those rights, while simultaneously respecting each other’s Nile water equities.



  1. Statement from the White House means simply this; US will figure out for each country what the terms are and how US business will benefit from the venture.
    1/ The US provides nearly 3billions in aid to Egypt. The US put Sisi in power. The US and Britain are major donors to Ethiopia and also have signed regional security pact; current thawing of relations with Eritrea is part of that scheme.
    2/ The US removed Bashir from power and had Abiy as mediator between the military and civilian groups in Sudan. Little to do with democracy and more to do with upstaging the Chinese influence in the region.
    3/ Remember how the US through the World Bank had planned to control Suez in the 1950s. Nasser had to quickly nationalize it as well as turn to the Soviet Union to not cede control of Suez to the West.
    4/ Need to know what secret agreements Tplf made with Egypt, Bashir/Sudan, the World Bank, and international energy investors as well as its present activities.
    5/ There are many world class Ethiopian professionals capable of navigating the world of international business, politics, and public relations. Abiy should consult with them if he has not began to do so already. This is serious! This is going to be one of the tests of Abiy’s legacy. Abiy should never forget this is not about him seeking aid and validation from the West. Lest we forget talk of Nobel prize by the West is meant to seduce him to doing their bidding. I worry Abiy may not have the grasp of the complexities involved in global politics. That is why I would suggest Ethiopian professionals to submit a comprehensive and clear proposal regarding the GERD and protecting the interests of Ethiopia.

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