Sudan rejects Egyptian drafts on Renaissance Dam

Representatives of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia meet to negotiate on the filling and operation of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 8 January 2020 [Mınasse Wondımu Haılu/Anadolu Agency]

The Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported that Sudan had reservations about a draft resolution reached by the council of Arab Foreign Ministers, affirming the Arab League’s solidarity with the position of Egypt and Sudan regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as downstream countries.

MENA quoted sources saying that during the meeting of the council of Arab Foreign Ministers on Wednesday Egypt submitted a draft resolution issued by the Arab League expressing solidarity with Egypt and Sudan regarding the Renaissance Dam, taking into account the interests of the downstream countries. The Sudanese side was informed in advance of the draft decision to consult on it while confirming that this decision supports the position of the downstream states of Egypt and Sudan, and reflects Arab support for the water rights of both countries.

The sources said that Sudan asked not to include their name in the decision, and added that the decision is not in Sudan’s interest, nor is permissible to include the Arab League. They also expressed concerns over a possible confrontation between Ethiopia and Arab countries as a result of this decision.

According to the sources, most Arab delegations stated that supporting Egypt and Sudan is not aimed at confronting other parties, but rather it is an obligation that must be performed in connection with a file that threatens Arab national security.

The sources pointed out that the Arab delegations were surprised that Sudan maintained its conservative position even after the name of Sudan was deleted from the draft resolution, as it was limited to protecting the water interests of Egypt. The Sudanese side sought to empty the draft of its content, while the other Arab parties emphasised the feasibility and importance of this decision.

At the end of the session, the draft resolution was adopted without amendment, with Sudan formally withdrawing from it.


  1. Atta boy Sudan!!! Ahram was either lying or twisting facts about Djibouti, Somalia and UAE. Djibouti will never, ever throw the old country to the wolves. Somalia will never do that now. These three countries did not endorse it or oppose it. They were indifferent and I expect them to be so. As I have said before, if el-Sisi is doing this as a rehearsal for possible military action, then he will end up losing it all and his reckless action will not only put his more than 100 million citizens at grave danger but also the people of Sudan. He needs to be restrained by those who armed him with latest supersonic fighter jets. Those deadly weapons should never be used to kill innocent black folks who are only exercising their birth rights which will never harm others.


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