Taxi Driver in Addis was Shot to death over a minor dispute

9d53b70fIt was on Friday evening in Addis, on the Megenagn-Gurd sholla road that a man named Degene Gemechu waved his hands for the taxi. Eyewitnesses of the incident recalled that there was a group of people waiting for the taxi at the location.

The taxi pulled over but the driver refused to take Ato Degene in to the taxi saying that he had his family with him in the taxi and that he doesn’t want to take anyone in. This statement enraged Ato Degene and the two got into a very heated argument and dispute.
After a while, Ato Degene Gemechu pulled his gun and shot the driver on his neck.

The police report describes that there was the driver’s father inside the taxi at the time. The suspect, Ato Degene Gemechu, got into custody and as the Addis Ababa police commission homicide division’s officer noted, further investigation on this homicide’s suspect is underway.

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