Tens of thousands take to streets in Ethiopia over abducted students

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across northern Ethiopia on Tuesday, demanding answers from the government over the kidnapping of 27 students more than 50 days ago. In DR Congo, the country has experimented with President Felix Tshisekedi’s flagship reform for free primary schools. And a ban on dreadlocks in Malawian classrooms is reversed after a court ruling upholds Rastafarianism as a religion.

1 thought on “Tens of thousands take to streets in Ethiopia over abducted students

  1. Such heinous act as kidnapping of students particularly female students is not nipped in the bud with telling blows, it is going to spreading like wild fire. We know kidnapping of young girls for forced marriage in one of our sick customs and this incident could have been used to deal it a crushing blow and make a statement both by the federal and regional governments. Such savage act is the result of the poison that fiefdom mongering bigots have been spewing around since the 1970’s. They were spitting hatred from their missionary canteens first, then from the dump sites in Asmara and Al-Qahirah and now there on site since returning to the old country. We all notice that these ‘new republic’ planners are not talking about the plight of these innocent young girls just because they see them ‘not belonging to one of their own’. For them ‘mum is the word’!!!! You know why? It is because they are ‘over burdened’ with their sinister work to yank away a territory just to claim it as their personal fiefdom and then take their turn at looting!!!! These modern day black Neo-Nazis have contaminated the environment there so much that they have left behind many toxic ‘super-fund’ sites in several regions. It will take more than a generation to clean up.

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