Terrorism & Racism are the main enemy of Democracy (Yohannes woldemariam)

TPLF Leaders
TPLF Leaders
” State security forces to Ethiopia have used excessive and  lethal force against largely peaceful protests that have swept through Oromia the country’s largest region, since November 2015 over 400 people are estimated to have been killed,  thousands arrested and hundreds likely more, have been  victims of enforced disappearances” ‘Such a Brutal Crackdown” 61 page report
Humane Rights Watch
The Turkish Massacre of Armenians was one of the horrible tragedy in the world during the 20th century,
January 1933 the Butcher Adolf Hitler when he took a power his primary aim was the mass expulsion or killing unwanted ethnic society and then by this agenda  execute uncountable people include 6 million Jews in different countries the Holocaust murder the most dangerous brutality in the human history, After world war II in Rwanda, Burundi, Bosnia …millions innocent peoples killed by brutal racist groups, All this brutality cause was a lack of humanity, freedom and peace as a whole a right of democracy .
This time the Islam extremists Alqaida, ISIS, Alshabab and Bokoharam forced down the peoples freedom of religion and destroy the peoples  peace and stability  all over the world and killed unarmed and peaceful people by there bloody gun and guillotine, That all matter applied in our country  specially Gambela, the area located at west Ethiopia,
The Anyuak people are indigenous people in Gambella, one day the government authority request the following issue “Government want your fertile land because we promised to give a local and foreign investors”  the people refused the authority’s request and said ”This is our land how do we move? we born here and we die here”  December 13, 2003 morning the government brutal soldiers came and killed 500 innocent people that’s one of the worst moral crime can commit against and conducted by Ethiopian authority’s, this military action include badly, mental harm, torture and disappearance  see the following reference
 ” the December 2003 massacre ” and “The outrageus Gambela Massacre of Anyuak community members, Jan 30, 2016”
The Ethiopian government not take any activity as the master-minds
The other Genocide attempt in Ogaden rigion, the government send his special force to the area and killed deliberately hundreds the Ogaden people, raping and disappearances the fate or destiny of girs,
– US State department report 15/04/2016
– Ethiopia government’s acts of Genocide by Imru Zeleke, open letter to the US secretary state
– Ogaden Documentary sheds light on Ethioia’s < Hidden Shame>
The next Genocide attempt in diffrent Amhara region more than 700 peoples killed by government special force the victims are elders, childrens and young people’s still the peoples suffered by the government soldiers, extrajudicial execution are the daily action of the freedom force, even now a day many peoples killed and disappearance from Goder region special Wolkait and Tselemet area,
– The silent Genocide on the Amahara, Documentary
– Breaking truth the Amahara systematic Genocide,
Recently the government special force committed crimes against oromo peoples, the indigenous people dicplace from there land by local investors  the people irritated and oppose this land grabbing and displacement peacefully but the government force killed more than 400 peoples in different cities.
-The united states concerned by clashes in oromia -Ethiopia-
 press Washington
December 18,2015
In general all this problem cause is lack of Democracy , no body express his opinion , no any one opposed the government and authority’s error, by this all reason a lot of peoples in jail , many opposition party members and journalists are arrested in different detention center all suffered and tortured by brutal interrogation techniques ,
 The solution is on our hand , the first solution is unity , secondly we stand for voiceless people and fight for freedom democracy and Justice, lastly we will win anti democratic system ones for all and establish the new democratic country in east Africa.

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