The Communist Party of China caught by freedom movement of Hong Kong with its pants down

Failing to support the movement will have far-reaching consequences for the people in the ‘free world’, more so for the people under authoritarian regimes throughout the globe that emulate the regime.

Teshome Debalke

October 10, 2019

The glamorization of the People Republic Communist Party of China (CPC) that operate behind fortified concrete wall and firewalls being reduced to ashes by the Umbrella Democratic Movement in the semi-autonomous territory of Hong Kong will have far-reaching implications across the globe if the free world failed to draw a line sooner than later.

What started as protest against the introduction of extradition legislation to legalize the Communist party abductions of Hong Kong residences to mainland four months ago triggered whole lots more demands simmering for a long time beyond the due process of law of the accused the Beijing regime violets every day with impunity on its citizens in the mainland.

Failing to address the protest demands, CCP appointed CEO of the territory came up with another trickery of banning face masks for CCP’s surveillance state to identify protestors in preparation to abduct them in the middle of the night while  labeling them as “violent terrorists’ for its kangaroo courts to convict and sentence them to join hundreds of thousands of their compatriots locked up in the vast numbers of detention camps scattered throughout China. But once again, Hong Kong Protests: Bid to suspend Failed – leaving the authorities with not much option to fulfill CCP’s wishes.

What the Government of China Spokesperson said about the protestors alone reviles; the regime empty noise is to justify its security forces that encircled HK inevitable mass-atrocities awaiting to subdue protestors it labeled violent terrorists.

But, the irony the Umbrella Revolution came a year after article of March 2018 by Zheping Huang titled “Xi Jinping says China’s authoritarian system can be a model for the world  and, four months before the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People Republic of Communist China is historic and, a lesson to the world; no matter how long authoritarian regimes’ imagination go wild to make something out of absolutely nothing to be legitimate without the consent of the people they rule, they can’t indefinitely hide behind concrete walls nor firewalls.

After all deep down, the Communist regime of China is an empty vessel held together by elaborate surveillance, propaganda, and security apparatus that locked up millions and terrorize billions of its citizens hidden from the world awaiting to implode on its own weight with the slightest democratic challenge coming its way.

The 1989  student-led movement in Tiananmen Square and the subsequent mass-killings of protesters and the abduction of unimaginable numbers of dissidents that followed ever since erased from Chinese’s history and the cyber search to blindfold the world from understanding the reality of indicates; the ruling regime is biting on the ignorance of the world to stay alive.

Furthermore, the ongoing detention of millions of Uighurs in western China out of sight of the world view reminiscent of reeducation camps that followed Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution with millions of innocent casualties is a reminder; the Communist Party of China will to do harm with impunity in  one of the two largest and diverse nations in the world with population of over a billion people under its thumb is beyond comprehension.

The latest leaked video where hundreds of blindfolded and bound men in Western China is a reminder of the vast reported concentration camps across China hidden from the world view. It illustrates the Beijing regime that subdued over billion people behind walls of silence for the last seven decades is fragile enough to be frightened with basic demands for rights, freedom of expression and transparency coming its way in Hong Kong. Therefore, unlike the world is led to believe the surveillance regime won’t have a chance in an open society with freedom of expression and the Free Press.

The Washington Post Op-Ed of  Nov 2018 titled “This paradox explain why China has not failed so far by Nathan Gardels illuminate some of the myth about CCP’s successes led by elaborate global propaganda and surveillance of its citizens silenced behind the wall and beyond. 

But, the most incriminatory inditement of CCP came from non-other than an CCP insider Guo Wengui. The exiled Chinese billionaire to the US spilling his guts in the free world he cannot do at home further reveals the rot within the communist party and what it has in store for the world.

What was fascinating, Wengui connecting the dots of how the financial hub of Asia – the territory of Hong Kong is the conduit for high-ranking CCP leaders’ corruption and money laundering scheme with far-reaching implication on nations of the free world, more so nations under authoritarian regimes that emulate CCP.

In that regard, 60 Minute Exclusive Documentary that exposes Premier Xi Jinping’s cousin connections with Crown Casino – a money laundering for Asian organize crime syndicates in Australia with close connection with CCP’s leaders.  How Premier Xi Jinping of China cousin Ming Chai ended up to be an Australian citizen living high bankrolling millions of dollars out of the sight of the same regime that put the entire population of China under strict surveillance speaks volumes how free societies are played as fools by CCP global propaganda.

China Communist Party’s menace means many things for the imagination of ruling elites around the world.  For the willfully ignorant ruling political and corporate elites of western democracies, the romance with CCP is nothing more than their nostalgia to their long-lost absolute power over their citizens or the unlimited appetite of the human race to amass profit by eroding constitutional rules, laws, and regulation that restrained their power and privilege.

But, when it comes to the ruling elites of autocratic regimes around the world, CCP is god sent that vindicate them from violation of rights, atrocities and corruption against their citizens with impunity in pretexts of stability and development as well as the conventional economists’ wisdom that dictates — nations at the developmental stage require  elaborate surveillance state, unchallenged propaganda and draconian laws only authoritarian regimes can deliver CCP style.

That is how the China Communist Party successfully employed a combination of two European invention — unchecked crony Capitalism and Marxism that cater for the human greed  and lust for power and privilege and spread it like wildfire for willing ruling elites around the world where the Former Communist Party of the Soviet Union failed.

The irony is, what the people of China have to do with 70-years old Marxism ideology imported from Europe to China for CCP to claim it is uniquely indigenous governance for people with over 5000 years-old complex histories speaks louder; the ruling communist elites’ appetite to enslave their own citizens by any excuse they can master is what kept the populations under totalitarian rule for far too long.

China Central Television Network (CCTV), the one-and-only propaganda arm of CCP backed by massive surveillance and security apparatus illiterates what the communist regime portray itself to the world firewalling every conceivable information imaginable that would have shown; it is rotten to its core.

When that wasn’t enough, the Beijing based China Global Television Network (CGTN) that started in 2009 spreading CCP’s ambition to promote a one-party authoritarian rule, surveillance and developmental state is a better alternative for the world than the democratic rule with six foreign language programs was not by accident.

In the words of Azeem Ibrahim on FT Argument piece titled China Has No Room for Dissenting Friends; he wrote;

“Well, the problem is that Beijing, in effect, building gang. China’s sphere of influence is not going to be just a group of pals. It will be an in-group organized around currying favor with gang leader, but, crucially for everyone else, also the performance of hostility towards the out-group as a display of loyalty to the gang and the leader. China is cultivating an us verses “them” attitude in the foreign outlook of their clients, and the West is the “them.”

Take for instant CGTN Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya launched in January of 2012 broadcasting on DStv — the one-and-only Direct Broadcasting Satellite entertainment service for Sub-Saharan African based in South Africa and owned by MultiChoice, a subsidiary of MultiChoice Group. For unsuspecting, its coverage sounds a normal Media endeavor.  But the reality, it is a propaganda venture of how good China is doing in Africa with the endorsement of African leaders for mutual benefit around Africa and in the global stage by “cultivating us versus “them” — Communism 2.0.?

Closed societies, in general, have one thing in common — elaborate surveillance, propaganda network and security apparatus to alter reality and subdue their populations into subjects.  But, the big elephant in the world stage remains the overrated regime of China; not for its respect on human rights, freedom of expression and private property nor transparency of governance but for its economic growth and development exploiting its own citizens behind the wall-of-silence unheard of since the Cold War ended.

Unfortunately, CCP’s altered reality is celebrated even among high-profile western politicians and businessmen that embrace it and entertain to implement it in their own nations, thanks to China Global Television Network.

Take the Australian Broadcasting Service’s report, China’s Empty Cities CCP’s propaganda arm China Central Television Network (CCTV)  nor China Global Television Network (CGTN) won’t let the world to see. The white elephant projects are as the result of high-ranking party officials use of state-owned banks to pocket the proceeds upfront common with many corrupt authoritarian regimes around the world that emulate the same model.

Though the global propaganda and profit value of the projects are immense for the party functionaries behind the wall of silence, the  implication for global economy more so for Less Developed Countries (LDC) is huge; not only to empower authoritarian regimes to sustain their unmandated power and privilege over their citizens in partnership with CCP but, it reinvented Central Command Economy as a Weapon-of-Mass Distraction across the globe for decades to come at expenses of free enterprises. As a result, CCP’s exercise of futility to silence its critics globally across the political, social and economic sphere indicates, Xi Jinping regime is warming up to do irreversible damage to the economy of ‘free societies’ his Marxists predecessors failed to do.

Regardless, as desperate as authoritarian regimes around the world are to go back-and-forth between western capitals and Beijing to sustain their unmandated rule, it is becoming abundantly clear why China Communist Party became their natural ally that fulfill the desire to stay in power indefinitely and the corruption that come with it.  What is not clear is why of Western Democracies’ ruling political elites choose to ‘look the other way’ except to fulfil multinational corporations’ profit to be gained by remaining silent. 

The recent National Basketball Association of America bowing for the Communist Party of China for a statement made by the Huston Rockets’ manager in solidarity with the Umbrella Democratic Movement of Hong Kong to be free from the regime in Beijing is the tip of the iceberg what CCP has done to silence its citizens and export it to do the same in western institutions and corporations.

Ironically, in the words of the 35th President of the US JFK, “the greatest revolution in history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free” sums up the erosion constitutions that govern western political elites to the point they couldn’t tell the difference between freedom compromised in the People House (Congress) verses freedom that will never see the day in National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Whether to blame it on political and corporate elites’ corrupting influence or mainstream media elites’ willful ignorance of the Constitution from push back, CCP will remain free to export its surveillance state and propaganda networks to silence the free world’s ruling elites as we watch self-sensor on to silence  when Hong Kong residence cry for help to contain the Communist Party of China from depriving them to participate to choose who governs them .

That, as every American President in recent memory like to say; ‘My fellow Americans’… is CCP’s surveillance state and the command economy is increasingly daring to come after the people in the free world?  As Abraham Lincoln said; “those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

It is about time the free world deprives freedom for CCP members and their emissaries that deny freedom to their own citizens in the mainland as well as in the territory of Hong Kong and beyond.  Failing to do so sooner than later is an expensive proposition the people of the free world can’t afford and live to regret.

After all, freedom was NOT supposed to be a commodity that can be bought-and-sold in the open or closed markets at the whim of the political elites.



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