The Enemy is Ethiopian History !!!! – Tedla Asfaw

by Tedla Asfaw

I followed Professor Haile Larebo long  discussions in two parts hosted by ESAT this month.

Tedla Asfaw

If there is controversy from more than 3 hours of discussion especially Ethiopian History within the Ethiopian Diaspora polarized and separated into Unity with diversity  and Tribal homeland groups is not surprising.

I remember Al Jazeera Stream few years back. The less than 45 minutes panel discussion started a heated discussion between Ethiopia First and Oromo First Camps on social medias.
ESAT unlike Aljazeera faced protest and was accused of insulting the Oromo people for his guest using “Eregna ” meaning pastoralists describing the life style of the Oromo people  more than 400 years ago.
Then ESAT Editorial came and apologized for the program being interpreted negatively  portraying the Oromo people.
It seems to me what is going on is not historical discussion but political correctness.
ESAT hosted many Oromo nationalists the likes of Jawar Mohammed,  Professor Ezkel and Professor Tsegaye among others who totally rejected Ethiopian History but in no times came out to apologize for Ethiopian nationalists.
Professor Larebo  should be challenged by Historical Facts he presented not by a word he fully explained by  ten minutes additional explanation of the word “Eregna” he used  to clarify for those who interpreted it as insult.
For Oromia Republic fighters/propagandists  Ethiopian History is their number one enemy and no surprise in attacking Professor Larebo who never came of such republic in Ethiopia’s long history he shared with us on ESAT.


  1. Dear Mr. Tedla Asfaw
    It is not a such an issue of the word that Oromos are concerned with in relation to Larebo (the meaning of the name might yield: person of identity crisis). The very nature of his (Lareboism) is far from truth. Larebo proved that he is ignorant of history specially that of Oromo. You may listen to OMN published as Raabaa Dorii video on 27 Jan 2017. For the issue of apology, Oromos who appeared interviewee of ESAT have no name (). You may defend your history or whatsoever , if any, against them. How long we teach you guys, never learning ones?

  2. You are absolutely correct. Ethiopian history has been falsified by Oromo pseudo-intellectuals for years. Any one who tells the true history of Ethiopia like Dr. Haile countered by insult by these false Oromo intellectuals such as Ezkel, Tsegaye Gabessa and Jewar Mohamed. Themselves do not know the history of Oromo. They do not even understand the word they speak. Did Dr. Haile have chosen Oromo Ph.Ds and doctors migrated to Ethiopia than pastures make them happy? I have been strong supporter of ESAT, I have contributed my time and money but after I see Messay apologizing the discussion with Dr. Haile, I am thinking to stop supporting ESAT. ESAT is very wrong apologizing doing so falsified history of Ethiopia to spread and allowing to muzzle the freedom of speech.

  3. We know Ethiopia is built, so other countries through violence. Unless and other wise there is no other alternatives, violence need to be abhorred in this 22nd century. I believe, the government of Ethiopia and others got it wrong. Both miserably fails to act as a modern day civilized human beings.
    What historians and other intellectual need to understand, the current youth population is not that much concerned about the past. The bygone is gone, nothing can be done about it. It is a lesson that teaches not to travel the same road and repeat the same mistake.
    The motto of the Ethiopian youth is: ” the here and now, and we can.”
    Please do not get it wrong. The Ethiopian youth passionately follow every political activities and historical diatribe. Regrettably, individual historians, politicians and other activists have never come close to the aspiration and ideals of the youth.
    The Youth believes he has a country clearly defined by a political boundary, called Ethiopia. Within it live human beings, from the same black race, speak different languages. In their long history of coexistence and cultural diffusion and assimilation, have become psychologically one nation.
    The so called political elites, and other self interested individuals and groups are unnecessarily and badly divided, while the ordinary citizens stood United and focused on their common problems, and concerns.
    It not unexpected, but unfortunate the so called intellects and elites are so polarized and become badly feeble. The Ethiopian people clearly knows, it is about power, money and privilege. The ordinary citizens being the source of all these. Being confused about the behaviour and selfish tendency of the ELITES, against their claim, some diaspora political groups are disowned by their followers.
    It is not a wonder, out of hopelessness and desperation, those individuals and groups cry from the bottom of their esophagus.
    The world in full of perverted, narccist individuals and groups. We need to learn living with them, but not overwhelmed and controlled.


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