The third volume of the Desta series was just published.

The third volume of the Desta series was just published. Readers will find the ever unfolding Ethiopian story to be as enchanting and mesmerizing as those that appear in the first two volumes. This book, as its precursors, contains a great deal of wisdom and Desta’s dreams, struggles and accomplishments would serve as inspirations to your own dreams and aspirations. For more, please read below. Worku Negash, Ph.D.

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 Desta: To Whom the Lions Bow (Vol. 3)


Desta 3Desta’s story unites with all humanity’s in this panoramic, magical, and metamorphic 3rd phase of his journey to fulfill
the sacred ancient quest entrusted to him. As he discovers just how much his life is bound up with the ancient world, powerful spirits, and his country’s glorious past, he must resist the competing designs of others on King Solomon’s  twin magic coins.

Desta relies on his wits and the power of the coin as  he navigates betrayal, tragedy, challenges in school, and the intercession of unbidden voices, prismatic spirits, and delivered dictums. As his horizons widen, he must weigh the value and perils of new opportunities brought by visitors from the larger world
Through it all, with acceptance, forgiveness, and hard-won faith in himself, Desta is transformed from homeless fourth-grader to celebrated graduate and the pride of his family. As he transits to manhood, his own accomplishments and experiences teach him that the world is truly his family, but that his fated path is his alone.


“This marvelous sequel to DESTA-1 and DESTA-2 is a delight to read. For older Ethiopians it will bring back many memories of their early school days. For the current generation it can be an educational tool. DESTA-3, like the previous volumes, offers many cultural and historical tales that will be of great interest and benefit to its readers.” Ghion Metaferia, Educator
“Ambau deftly brings together all the separate elements of Desta’s saga—history, family, culture, ritual, numerology, legend, and magic—in an account as forceful and finely etched as if told by an eyewitness to events. We are held in the sway of a boy whose world is hemmed in by privation, homelessness, and misfortune, yet wrests his destiny for a higher purpose, believing that all he does is predetermined, and his quest unstoppable . . . This is a gripping and inspiring parable for readers of any age struggling to meet life’s challenge. “ Vincent Cusenza,  writer

out the Author: More than anything else, Getty Ambau loves to tell stories. DESTA: To Whom the Lions Bow is his third novel in a series, all set in Ethiopia.

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June 12, 2014

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