The TPLF will not shy away to destroy entire villages – GK

“The Ethiopian military first issues orders to the villagers to evacuate the villages within two to seven days. When the villagers refuse to evacuate, the army returns to carry out killings and other atrocities, and burns the village. Should soldiers see villagers or pastoralists in the area after the evacuation and burning of the village, they are often beaten and detained, summarily executed or, if women or girls, raped.”

This was from the Human Right watch 2008 report, on atrocities committed by the TPLF commanded security forces, on civilians in the Ogaden. We know the regime often demagogues the HRW; but such report is not based only on testimonies of people; but was also corroborated with undisputed satellites images.

As is listed in the attached photos, one can see villages completely destroyed and burned down by Security forces.
Fast forward by by seven years, we are at a critical time where we may again witness similar crimes against humanities. The last two days the TPLF seems to be warming up, to commit atrocities in a big scale. The air waves are being filled with all sort of arrogant and defiant threats against the people. Rejecting all calls of solving the crisis peacefully and forming a transitional government that can guarantee a peaceful transition, they declared war on the people. They are calling millions of peaceful demonstrators “terrorists”. Security forces heavily trained by the US to combat groups like Al Shabaab, and armed with heavy weapons are heading towards peaceful civilians to kill and destroy.

Make no mistake, the TPLF leaders, who are heartless and known with having zero compassion towards others, are going to do what they say they would do. These people will not hesitate to kill thousands, destroy entire villages, and crush any dissents by all means necessary, for the sole reason to benefit themselves and stay in power.

Unless something dramatic happens, like the starting of protests in Addis Ababa and other regions, or a decisive rebellion within the army, with a bleeding heart, I saw that we could see massacres in Oromia and Gonder. In fact the massacre has already started.

It is time to stop the TPLF from its evil mission.…/fil…/reports/ethiopia0608webwcover.pdf



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