The TPLF’s Mouthpiece Cannot Wear-Down the Identities of Welkait People by Attrition (By Kaleab Tessema)

Nazi-TPLFI have just listened to an interview given by Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel on SBS radio based in Australia saying that Welkait was not part of Gondar.  Also, he told to the interviewer that he is of Amhara ethnicity, and since Welkait is part of Tigray, the people have nothing to do with the Amhara Kilil, it has to do with Tigray Kilil.  The journalist, from SBS radio asked him a pivotal question, if he could prove that Welkait was historically part of Tigray. Mekonnen tried to prevaricate when the journalist asked him pointed questions. He repeatedly said with an insolent voice, “I am speaking right now about Qimant, Welkait is in the Tigray region, and Welkait has no connection with the Amhara region.”  And “scientifically and politically,” Welkait belongs to Tigray, and Amhara has no “mandate” to speak about Welkait.


Of course, ‘ዉሻ እበላበት ይጮሃል!’ it was expected from such an obtuse individual who has luck of historical knowledge which he could not even aver that Welkait was not part of Gondar. This traitorous human being is an imbecile who tries to ostracize the people of Welkait Tsegede from the Amhara society to please the TPLF which is impossible.  As a matter of fact, I was not surprised by this TPLF’s surrogate frivolous talk. I would be surprised if he seemed reluctant to answer all the questions asked by the journalist.


Thus, this cold-blooded renegade Amhara tried to prove that he is real a servitor of TPLF by distorting the history of Welkait. I am not sure if Mekonnen is really an Amhara, but it does not matter whether he is an Amhara or not; there are many “Hodam” Amharas that killed Amharas. Sadly enough, this is the guy who calls himself an Amhara and he represents the Amharas whereas the TPLF cadres kill and incarcerate innumerate Amharas.


I assumed, this individual is one of the members of the Amhara National Democratic Movement(ANDM) who justifies the TPLF’s atrocities on the people of Welkait.  It is not a secret, that this person and his likes were purposely hired to suppress the movement of the Amhara people in order to achieve the TPLF’s goals. It is true that TPLF has been remunerated those they believe are loyal to Woyanne and to carry out the TPLF’s unlawful acts and instructions without hesitation. TPLF-Woyanne respect and rewards people who do their dirty jobs to fulfill their wishes and interests.  So, Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel is one of the hired killers who executes dirty jobs for TPLF-Woyanne.


Let me jot down some facts for the younger generation on how TPLF created the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). Before the Derg was deposed, Woyane had controlled the whole Tigray and then, the TPLF found out that there was no way to communicate with the outside world, and Tigray as a nation could not get recognition by other countries. Not only that, Tigray by itself, would not survive without the rest of Ethiopia. Then, they decided to discuss with their ally namely Shabia how to control the whole country, and started hatching an anti-Amhara individuals like: Tamrat Layne, Addisu Legesse, Bereket Simon, Tefera Walewa, and Helawi Yoseph who led the EPDM which was created as the puppet of Woyane, and latter the Ethiopian people’s National Democratic Movement(EPDM) was renamed to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) which was  purposely created to demonize the Amhara. These idiots and perfidious people were not even an Amhara.


Then, after the seizure of Menilik palace, the TPLF made Tamrat Layne, a nominal prime minister, in order to consolidate their power.  Sadly enough, Tamrat Layne was prime minister during the time many Amharas were slaughtered in Arbagugu and in Bedno, and these horrendous crimes were justified by Tamrat Layne.


These bogus individuals had played a key role in convincing the young Amharas to become the Woyane’s foot-soldiers, and to fight persistently against the Derg to bring Woyane to power.  At the same time, these pseudo Amharas were disseminating lies through propaganda in Amharic on the radio to the Amharas to make them believe that EPRDF is a democratic government which will return the land and the properties to the people which were confiscated by the Derg.


Leaving the lies aside, the TPLF/ ANDM, whether you believe it or not, Welkait is part of Gondar and its people are an Amharas; no document or lore states that Welkait was part of Tigray. The TPLF-Woyanne  regime has to think twice before making an irrevocable mistake between the people of Amhara and Tigre. To change someone’s identity by mass killing, kidnapping, raping and looting innocent civilians is not a long lasting victory, but a transient one which will have grave consequences to the TPLF and its cronies.


As it is known since TPLF came to power, thousands of people in Welkait have been savagely tortured and killed for no reason asking their legitimate rights.  The TPLF regime is indiscriminately killing, arresting, beating, and severely torturing the innocent people in Welkait which is a systematic genocide.  To refute my claim, anyone can check the interview by the journalist Muluqen Tesfaw. He disclosed how the Amharas are the downtrodden people in Ethiopia.


Despite all the excruciating pain the TPLF-Woyanne inflicts upon the people of Welkait, the people are determined to fight for their fundamental identities, and for their ancestral land where the TPLF confiscated by force.  Recently, the people of Dabat showed their power against the Woyanne’s cadres who came to loot their properties which was a very courageous phenomenon.


The TPLF brags that they are the only brave ones and know how to pull the trigger,  and other people are not brave as they are.  This is pure stupidity and a decadence ideas of the TPLF regime tries to intimidate the armless people to stay in power in order to exploit and accumulate a colossal wealth.  The funny thing is that the TPLF cannot discern that true power comes from the people which was proven in Libya and Tunisia where perhaps the Woyanne regime needs to learn from.  As already witnessed in Gondar and in the Oromo region, the people’s uprising has begun where the minority regime seems unable to control it.  Therefore, the TPLF’s  bragging is an empty echo.


When it comes to Mekonnen Yelewem-Wessen Weldegebriel’s rhetoric, as I mentioned above, he unequivocally said in public that the identity of the Welkait people is an identity of the Tigre. By saying this, he receives the accolade from his bosses. Do the Amharas have to remind Mekonnen Weldegebriel of the unspeakable atrocities committed against the Welkait people by him and his likes ?  It is clear that the TPLF is an archenemy of the Amhara, but at this point the most dangerous enemy of the Amharas is the TPLF servitors like Mekonnen in which all the Amharas should be vigilant.


Mekonnen’s utterance is preposterous and has no a substance regarding the people of Welkait identity.  I boldly want to tell to  Mekonnen Weldegebriel that killing and detaining the people of Gondar to fulfill the interest of the TPLF, cannot mute the struggles of the people of Gondar; it can more intensify them rather than.  It is unlikely, Mekonnen can live life happy till TPLF is alive, but Mekonnen cannot wear-down the identity of Welkait by attrition.



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