TPLF Billing for Killing (Aba Gobena)


By Aba Gobena

Long disguised as a national army, the TPLF army continues to go on the loose as it opens a new absurd chapter of cracking down on influencers where dozens of priests, deacons and church elderlies are locked behind bars in Gonder, Amhara.

One of the victim of TPLF’s recent crackdown madness is a renown investor and entrepreneur – Lemma who only for being suspected of providing free meals to protestors is facing torture in the hands of TPLF security forces. Another victim of the crackdown madness is Zenebe Chakle of Wolkiet who taken away at gun point by TPLF security forces under the pretext of investigation was found dead with his kidneys operated out.

“Such atrocities tantamount to the exacerbating barbaric ways how terrorist regime TPLF slaughter its hostages,” cried a close friend of Zenebe.

Headed by General Samora Yenus who publicly said,” We have weakened Amhara and the Ethiopian Orthodox church” , thousands of Tigrian troops entered the Amhara regional state  counterproductively overtaking the regional administration nearly a year ago. Since then thousands have died and close to 60,000 are under incarceration. Furthermore; the TPLF army continues to bill the department of finance of the Amhara regional state for its exacerbating heinous crimes against humanity of militarily repressing ethnic Amharas. Credible sources at the finance unit of the regional state quantify that over 33% of the annual budget for the Amhara regional state will be fragmented off to accommodation, salary and military logistics of the invading Tigrian Army. As a result; basic services such as education, health and agriculture are deteriorating .

“Bills are charged to our regional state as if we have ordered a repression service,” bitterly complained a middle aged personnel at the finance unit of the Amhara regional state.

This comes at a time when Ethiopians across the country are increasingly calling for a swift and united international intervention so as to stop atrocities by the authoritarian regime that has been exercising tyranny for the last three decades.

The European Parliament passed yet another resolution demanding a United Nations-led independent investigation into the killings of protesters in Ethiopia. Nevertheless; the regime in Ethiopia continues to blatantly refuse to its benefactors providing as much as 60% of the GDP of the country.



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