TPLF’s Killing Squad (Agazi): Twin of EFFORT

TPLF Leaders
TPLF Leaders

As Ethiopians and international community know, the Tigrain People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been ruling Ethiopia for the last 25 years. Right at the outset of its reign, TPLF created the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai (EFFORT) by robbing banks, an amount of approximately 2.7 billion birr. Now, due to its unprecedented access to governmental and private contracts, capital, tax loopholes and management from the top TPLF members (who are worse than Derg), EFFORT has become a major economic wing of TPLF, controlling more than 60% of the county’s economic sectors.  This huge animal needs a special protection since it is illegitimate.

One may ask: what about the regular law enforcement (police—local or federal) ?  The answer is NO because members of the regular law enforcement (comprised of mixed ethnicity) cannot be loyal and trusted by the top people in TPLF.  So, TPLF needs a special armed force, paid by tax money, to protect itself and its properties.  TPLF calls this special killing squad “Agazi”, in the remembrance of their fallen bandit comrade.

This killing squad, like the SA and SS of Nazi, is well known for

  1. terrorizing political opponents and people of Ethiopia
  2. murdering children and elderly persons
  3. shooting live bullets against peaceful demonstrators
  4. transporting stolen materials throughout the country to Tigrai State
  5. torturing political prisoners
  6. willing and eager to blindly and mercilessly kill non-Tigrain Ethiopians when other  members of police and regular armed forces have refused to kill their own people
  7. committing countless others atrocities ….



All Ethiopians have to be aware that this TPLF’s special killing squad is NOT a regular army by any standard. It is created and used by TPLF as a killing machine. Thus, calling it as “Agazi” is an insult to those victims of TPLF’s army.  Because using the name “Agazi” by all freedom fighters and mass media is like acknowledging the bandit group!  And it is a bad taste (ineffective) of communication to ordinary Ethiopians.  It is a special commando created and serving TPLF. Period. It should be referred to as TPLF’s Army, whose duty and responsibility is to protect TPLF leaders and their property, EFFORT, by murdering even children for goodness sake!

Ethiopians get united to overthrow TPLF’s dictatorial rule. They are ill-spirited creatures who have binge eating disorder (figuratively 100 injeras for lunch  per capita are not enough for TPLF  while a single injera makes any normal person full ).


Hagos Alemayehu



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