TPLF’s political and economic supremacy makes Ethiopia’s biggest ethnic groups protest

By: Asress Mulugeta

3Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy has ruled the country until 1974. In September 1974, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE and established a socialist state. In 1991, the coalition of rebel forces, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, (with its core the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF from Tigray) toppled the Derg regime. In 1994, Ethiopia is constitutionally formed by a federation of nine ethnically-based regional states. The two major ethnic groups of the country are the Oromo 40% and the Amhara 30%.

Since the adoption of the constitution in 1994, the ethnic basis of the regions, the strict ethnicization policy and choice of the word “kilil” has drawn fierce criticism from those in opposition to the ruling party who have drawn comparisons to the bantustans of apartheid South Africa. Since 1991, the ruling power in Ethiopia is completely controlled by ethnic minority TPLF, from the Tigray region. For the last quarter of a century, the major beneficiaries of the ethnic minority TPLF dominated government in Ethiopia were primarily the members of TPLF from Tigray region, who held most of the government leadership positions, controlled much economic power, control the military and the security almost hundred present, governed most of the other regions indirectly, own large estates in the capital, control the agricultural farms in all regions of the country, and build many industries in Tigray and able to create jobs in their region. Other regions with major ethnic groups of the country such as the Oromos and Amharas felt marginalized from the beginning.

As a result of the strict “ethnicization” policy coupled with utterly undemocratic nature of the TPLF led government, ‘ethnicization’ of socio-economic disputes are increasing exponentially all over Ethiopia. The implementation of this misguided ethnic policy has already claimed thousands of human lives in the last quarter of a century. There have been several massacres, and ethnic cleansing that have taken place throughout the country. In 1991, thousands of innocent Amhara massacred in Bedeno, Arba gugu, Dedessa, Harrar and Wollega. In December 2003, hundreds of Anuak civilians massacred in Gambella and many others raped, beaten, tortured and harassed. In 2012 and 2013, hundreds of thousands of poor farmers of Amhara ethnic group were forcefully evicted from the Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and the southern part of Ethiopia. People in Ogaden have been constantly killed, terrorized, abducted and detained. In September 14, 2016 more than 50 people have been killed and more than four thousand left their region to save their lives.

The killing horror has not yet abated. Recently, from November 2015 until now, more than 900 Oromo and 200 Amhara people massacred. Since the end of 2015 until now more than 900 people have been massacred from the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups (the two biggest ethnic groups in the country) by members of the ethnic minority regime. The major ethnic group, the Oromos have been protesting since November 2015. Recently, the Amaras, second major ethnic group in the country started protesting in July 2016.  There has not been a specific trigger for all the protests. It is simply the accumulation of years of frustration from ethnic groups who say they have been marginalised by the ethnic minority, TPLF led government.

In today’s Ethiopia ethnic hatred and ethnic tensions are reaching dangerous level. Just like the recent Syria and the 1990s Rwanda and Yugoslavia, tribalism is destroying Ethiopian nationalism and humanity. There is serious rivalry among the ethnic groups over issues such as self-governance, fair share of the nation’s resources and political power. Of course, no one is to be blamed for all of this except the EPRDF government. The TPLF minority ethnic-junta must address the demands of the major ethnic groups before the country risk violent disintegration.



  1. The woyane dogs, are barking at every platform as if they have something important to say , but the reality is they are in total panic. they know their time is up. people of Ethiopia , everywhere, are up in arms to destroy these rabid dogs. the fascists woyane are in total desperation. they are barking at and biting everything and every one.
    in the last couple of days the woyane thugs have gathered teachers and parents to issue warnings and threats against an impending student protest.
    this is supposed to be the start of a school year. the woyane dogs are telling teachers to go to the class rooms, with their hands tied behind them.
    sign this paper and you will be responsible if your students come out in protest, the woyane are warning teachers.
    threats are everywhere. bullying and warnings are being issued to teachers. the woyane dogs seem to know what is awaiting them from the students and teachers.

    the woyane fascists know that they are losing the plot. they have lost the battle, sheer brutality, massacre, their guns and bullets are the only things they have and this will not even take them to where they want. they want to continue to loot and pillage Ethiopia , whatever the cost. but their time is up. no more looting and murdering our people. the resistance is coming at them like a crushing wave to annihilate them from the face of the earth.

    the woyane fascists have reached a stage where they are not able to trust their own shadows. every one in their eyes is now an enemy, that must be threatened, bullied . if threats and bullying do not work the bullet is always at hand for them to shoot all who do not submit.
    Abay Tsehaye, the illiterate blood thirsty fascist thug, with blood shot bulging eyes, stirring in blank space, seems to have a bigger plan prepared to kill every one, when he warned in a recent interview that he is preparing a Rwanda style genocide for all of us.

    this is clear and conclusive indication that woyane are counting down their days. the nice talking is over. now it is about survival, by the only means they know best – violence and murder. After being able to survive for 40 years by violence and murder, tplf thugs have yet to learn from history that violence leads to ones own destruction. the woyane thugs are rapidly approaching their end. the violence they use as a means of survival is about to wipe them out of existence.
    long live Ethiopia.

  2. As I have got an urgent information from the key people of Woyane, the TPLF are cracking down on the issue of Tigray. As far as I know, they were fighting about the corruption and bad governance they followed for the last 25 years. One of the group (Lead by Sibhat), they accept and the revolt has a solid reason to quest us in such a flood mass demonstration. Why we denied reality? We have to accept our corruption and corrupted policy if we would like to continue and build the Abay Tigray, until the coming 40 years. Due to the corrupted politics and leadership style we have accumulated the country’s wealth on one Ethic.
    In every aspect, wherever you go the country, the Tigrians are privileged and possessed the majority of the wealth. The issue of Wolqayt was started due to the unnecessary scrambling of the Wolqyt land by the selfish Tigrian poor governance of Abay Woldu. Since then, they the indigenous Wolqayt become land less and unproductive even become impoverished to the level that they do not pay their loan and mange their families. But the Tigray Government, has rather pushed to displace the Wolqayt, and replaced by the tgirian who are brought from Shire, Adawa, and other parts of Tigray by the name investor. This precedence is also repeated in Gabriella, Benshangual, Wolega where fertile lands are available for investors. If you observe all leading investors in these regions are the
    Tigrians who have got facilitation and policy reshuffling as well as an order to the development bank leaders to secure huge amount of loan. The loan amount for 500Hecator of land is in the range of 30,000,000.000ETB up to 45,000.000.ETB. But nearly all the debtor and nonperforming their loan. Since the policy well design and biased to the debtors, the bank do not have the guarantee to claim. Rather the pure collateral is the land of these regions. This started to disappoint the other ethnics in the country and the indigenous people in the respective regions.
    Moreover, if you see all the buildings in Addis and other part of the country, nearly 100% of the which are located in the main roads are belonging to the Tigrians, with an indirect investment by our generals, ministers, and key TPLF members. Leave along they looted the countries money, they are not even willing to pay tax. Of course, when Abay Woldu could not be able to enforce and collect tax from the Tigray regions since the last two years, we have realized that our tax system is becoming futile from its inception. That was why the Tigrians in Wolqayt refused to pay tax in that particular region and replied, we paid our tax in Mekele. Relieving the tax in Tigray and enforcing to the rest of the country aggressively, with intimidation is a futile exercise for the TPLF. We have arrested so many business men and women becuase they did not issue a receipt. But it has been more than two years since the whole region of Tigray has never paid a single cent for tax, rather they benefited more from the ERCA tax. As this group explained, we have to balance at least to a certain extent and to the level that we can deceive our society. But the way we are doing things are just deceiving ourselves and we follow behind the people.
    We could not be able to lead the people, rather, the people are a head of us. But the people are patient and waiting when the times come. Believe it or not, if we allow the people in Addis, they overthrow us overnight. All the mega projects of our MOTO are nearly corrupted their budget. We have arrested so many people due to corruption, like Melaku Fenat, Gebrewuhad, but having lost more than 80millions of Bir from the sugar project we kept quiet. We have to claim individuals who were responsible to these 10 projects. Tsehay would have the answer for these or has to return the money back to the project. At least these projects have to progress at a reasonable proportion with the amount we spent from the public. The failure of these projects are a double fold, the sugar cane is at a total loss. we cannot use it unless the plant is ready. we harvest and dipsos a dollar because our corruption and failure. What do you feel when the report was reported at the parliament?
    Could you imagine how the people of Ethiopia will have perceived from this report and our work? Can anyone tell me how much money is taken from the HIDASE dam project? The generals are always after the money. They can take any amount they want with a single Chequ. Do you have a full knowledge to the project is outsourced, it is to single individuals without and floating tender? Do not you think that their competitors are aware on it? It has been 25 years since were were playing with fire. Then, this is the time to confess and work hard on the unity of the Ethiopian people provided that not losing our power totally. Let us make clear ourselves, and fight the people of Tigray which we have made it bald and venerable for the last 25 years to the Ethiopian people.

    However, the other group have strongly opposed this idea. They claim themselves as crystal clear and neat and never involved in corruption. Due to the opportunity we had to work with investors, Chinese business men we have accumulated money as commission, or share, or thanks giving. As Tigrians, we are wise and invested this money and we are making more money. Of course we might have used our power or our position might have brought us to this opportunity, otherwise we never took any public money. As you know the people of Tigray is hard workers and willing to take risk. As an investor or business men, this would lead to loss or profit. But due to the golden opportunity the Ethiopian GTP has brought to the nation, our people have taken the leading advantage and benefited more.

    This a matter of intellect not only policy. The Tigrians are doing good in business, leadership and commitment. This might have made them visible amongst the Ethiopian people. What else crime we made to abuse the system, the public money, and others. Why we all take the burden always? Why we confess as criminal? Business by its nature may have some irregularities. We share the same as a business man. This may include common culture of Ethiopian working with blood relations, may use power, and others. With all these strong argument, as I can see from the meeting, they do not come in consensus at all.

    The discussion has continued as of today even. Today I did not join the meeting with the reason which I do not want mention at this juncture. The other reason is due to my frustration, that the tensions is becoming high and high. The crackdown is becoming more intense and furious, the individuals are joining the antagonistic group and identify their role bit by bit. This worsen my frustration.

    Furthermore; this discussion is leaning and leading to another crackdown. This crackdown is on the decision of the fate of Tigray and Tigrians. Until I will be back with more detail, the issue each group raised is that
    1. We have to fight and manage the rebels and maintain Ethiopia until we will fulfil your plan. We are losing a golden opportunity on the innocent people of Ethiopia. The donkeys will never be aware on our plan, if we would have been smart enough rather than focusing on our individual investment, that we will soon leave to them.
    2. No this is the time, the revolution is out of our control, all the soldiers other than the Tigrians, are sooner or later they will be against us. Since we have taken all the resources to our regions, the military as well as logistics, it will be more profitable to separate Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia and built our dream there. All the natural resources will be under our regions. We block more than three crude oil opening to our reservoir in the three different regions that we claim to belong to Tigray regions. It would be easy to fight for us to recapture Asseb than paying a cost to calm down the revolution. Let them to fight for power and build our nation and country. All our investment will be compensated by the amount of dollar and god deposit we took, and the crude oils become our future resources.
    For further, I will come with more by next week.


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