Trump to speak to Presidents Buhari, Zuma today

President Muhammadu Buhari, who has not spoken to Nigerians since he left the country about 18 days ago, will today speak to US President Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is expected to speak with the presidents of Nigeria and South Africa this afternoon.

He is scheduled to speak by phone to Zuma today at 5:10 pm, after speaking to Buhari first.

One of Buhari’s aides, Bashir Ahmad, in a statement on Monday said: “President Muhammadu Buhari will speak to United States President, Donald Trump today at 3:45 pm (Nigerian Time) from his London residence.
Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari a yau zai tattauna ta wayar tarho da Shugaban Kasar Amurka, Donald Trump daga masaukinsa a birnin London da misalin 3:45 na yamma agogon Nigeria.
Many Nigerians are frustrated that Buhari who has been gone from Nigeria for about 3 weeks, has not spoken to them.
It is not clear what the conversation will center on.
South African presidency also confirmed Mr. Zuma will get a call from Trump today.


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