UK Unveils Plans to Curb Influx of Ethiopian Refugees

File{ Ethiopian refugees

July 29, 2017 – The UK announced new plans to curb the influx of migrants from Ethiopia, mainly focusing on remedying human smuggling, the British government announced. In a bid to implement this plan, Ethiopian Immigration officials will be trained by British Embassy staff in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The cooperation with Ethiopian governments will also “enforce strict rules to combat human trafficking which will include interception and prosecution of traffickers in Ethiopia.

Britain is also planning to provide “regular capacity building training to increase immigration and airline officials’ skill sets” to fight human smuggling, a British government statement read.

The embassy, which has already worked closely with Ethiopian Airlines by providing its staff with regular training at Bole International Airport, will aim “to make Ethiopia a secure and difficult place for traffickers as well as to tackle the irregular flow of migration to the U.K.”.

“The officers will be trained in ways of identifying people who try to travel with forged visas and travel documents,” it added.

“With these efforts, Ethiopian Immigration and Ethiopian Airlines Officials were able to stop illegal passengers and facilitators traveling through Bole International Airport.”

The British embassy and Ethiopian Airlines intercepted over 160 cases of illegal migration last year.

Source:- Anadlou


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