Urgent Appeal on Recurrent State-Sponsored Atrocities in Ethiopia H.E. Mr. Donald Trump, President of the USA

Dear Excellency

The undersigned Ethiopian civic, political and religious organizations in the Diaspora express deep utter disappointment and dismay that the UN, EU, AU and major bilateral donors such as the United States and the UK continue to ignore the dire and debilitating political environment in Ethiopia. Unaddressed fast, the world may soon witness another Syria and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. By pouring billions of dollars in humanitarian, security and development assistance to a small ruling clique that has become shamelessly wealthy on the back of the Ethiopian poor, Western democracies have become enablers of repression, all in the name of anti-terrorism, stability and mutual national interests. Forgotten and ignored are 94 percent of Ethiopia’s 102 million citizens who continue to suffer from abject poverty and repression by their own government. ..… Read More………….


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