Video -TPLF mouthpiece Getachew Reda grilled on Al Jazeera

The so called Ethiopia’s communication minister Getachew Reda trying to defend the repressive regime on Al Jazeera, toasted by Merera Gudina a professor and politician currently the leader of the Oromo People’s Congress (OPC)

Video -TPLF mouthpiece Getachew Reda grilled on Al Jazeera


  1. It seems like TPLF wants the situation to come down and lure the people and the opposition again by pretending it has changed its attitude. That may even be the wishes of its backers from outside. How ever we know from experience that TPLF belief wise is extremely ethno-centrist, organizationally leninist and behaviorally notorious. TPLF has also become a business oligarchy while it ruled Ethiopia for the last 25 years which makes it very sensitive to any kind talk about change in Ethiopia. Therefore calming situation means giving a wounded wulf time to heel and let it become the shepherds of the sheeps.


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